Trauma! Muslim children of Burma

"There is something about crying that reaches  across borders and appeals to humanity.  There are many different types  of cries, but the cry of a completely broken soul is the most piercing  of all.

 The first cry I heard from the Rohingya was from this  boy as he fled his burning home.  Maybe it is because I am a mother that  this cry tore my soul apart."  (Jamila Hanan - human rights defender).

Then I came across the following story in North America:
A mother packed a lunch box for her child who goes to daycare consisting of "homemade roast beef, potatoes, carrots, an orange and milk." She received a fine of $10 from the daycare because it "violated the rules" for not being a balanced lunch as it didn't contain whole grain. So the daycare had to add ritz crackers with the kid's lunch which is taken as a whole grain food.

With this sort of perception, isn't the deafening silence of the West over blatant malnutrition and starvation of children (not to mention their random killings in wars & riots) in so many parts of the world still more galling? I don't need to name those unfortunate parts of the world, do I?