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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trauma! Muslim children of Burma

"There is something about crying that reaches  across borders and appeals to humanity.  There are many different types  of cries, but the cry of a completely broken soul is the most piercing  of all.

 The first cry I heard from the Rohingya was from this  boy as he fled his burning home.  Maybe it is because I am a mother that  this cry tore my soul apart."  (Jamila Hanan - human rights defender).

Then I came across the following story in North America:
A mother packed a lunch box for her child who goes to daycare consisting of "homemade roast beef, potatoes, carrots, an orange and milk." She received a fine of $10 from the daycare because it "violated the rules" for not being a balanced lunch as it didn't contain whole grain. So the daycare had to add ritz crackers with the kid's lunch which is taken as a whole grain food.

With this sort of perception, isn't the deafening silence of the West over blatant malnutrition and starvation of children (not to mention their random killings in wars & riots) in so many parts of the world still more galling? I don't need to name those unfortunate parts of the world, do I?


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