'Breathtaking display of absurdity'

Dec.6, 2013  - "U.S. Def. Sec. Chuck Hagel and Britain's FM William Hague were among  several senior Western delegates to address the conference on 'regional  security,' enthusing about high-minded democratic principles to their  unelected dictatorial hosts, the Al Khalifa rulers, surrounded by  representatives of other Persian Gulf Arab dictatorships, prime among  them the absolute tyrannical monarchy of the House of Saud. And yet  outside, ordinary Bahraini civilians yearning to see these same  principles put into practice were getting their heads cracked open by  uniformed thugs acting under the orders of the very same despots  applauding Hagel and Hague. Talk about inside-out, upside-down  doublethink."  (Finian Cunningham).

West defending dictatorships in PG