Burma's dreaded border security force

From every practical perspective, the 'Nasaka' killers are still active as ever.  Not "disbanded."  That is a ruse.  The scenario is a mix of the medieval Inquisition era plus present Zionist rule.

The 'Nasaka' border security force of Burma has long been  notorious as the most corrupt and abusive agency of the country.  It's also known as Burma's Border  Immigration Headquarters comprising of approximately 1200 immigration,  police, intelligence and customs officials.  It operates in the  Muslim-majority north-western part of Burma, near the border with  Bangladesh. 

Since June  2012 it has carried out numerous discriminatory practices and  serious  human rights abuses against Burmese Rohingya Muslims.  Because of their  terrifying reputation just as well known outside of Burma, the Burmese  government was forced to disband 'Nasaka' last July 2013, but that was  only an eyewash. The purpose was to pursue international companies to invest in Burma and to continue getting financial aid from the Western world.   However, even without this ploy, the West would continue supporting  Burma's ethnic cleansing. The 'new' police force comprises of the same  people as in Nasaka, only they don't use that title.  In plain terms,  Nasaka continues to function, being responsible for plenty of abuse and  murders.

Some of the most unimaginable rules clamped by Burma's Nasaka' force which still exist for the minority are:

- Travel restrictions on all  Muslims.

-  They first reactivated the "two child" limit.  But now Muslims in Burma are not allowed to marry at all.

 -  The 'Nasaka' called upon all Rohingya villagers to attend lectures  about the new  laws to be imposed. According to these new laws, Rohingya Muslims are  banned from leaving their homes  from 10 at night to 6 in the morning - reminiscent of the Inquisitors  who implemented the same rule for people of other religions in Spain, Italy and Greece in the 1500s and 1600s.   No Muslims are allowed to go  outside the limits of  their villages. Farmers must ask permission to leave the villages to  tend their fields - exactly the same restriction as during slave-trade  days in America when the black slaves could not leave the boundaries of  their masters' farms without permission which they hardly ever got.   Visiting family members must be documented and  reported to the Nasaka guards. Anyone caught violating these laws  will be taken for punishment at the whims of the Nasaka guards.

No rebuilding of any Muslim homes demolished by buddhist mobs - exactly the same as the laws enforced in West  Bank by Israel. 

Just as Israeli police and military are not responsible to protect the lives and properties of Palestinians from the Zionist Jew  settlers, it is similarly important to note that the police presence in Muslim areas  of Burma is not  to protect the Rohingyas, but to protect the crimes of  the buddhists. The harsh  new laws are meant to keep  Muslims in one place where they can be easily attacked and killed when  the buddhists mobilize. This is a measured step only to facilitate every  next wave of ethnic cleansing. 

To sum it up, it's too sickening even to discuss!

The brutal Nasaka border security force.

Robbing the homes of Rohingya Muslims

Taking aim to shoot two Rohingya Muslims.

Arresting Rohingya Muslim villagers.

An ugly, mean looking bugger and member of the Nasaka force