Drowning Gaza deliberately

Most parts of  Gaza are submerged in sewage and flood waters.   Apart from the  enormous damage and inconvenience, it's increasing the risk of  diseases.  Thousands of Gazans have been evacuated from their homes and taken to schools used as shelters. 
Water in Jabaliya camp is  almost 6 feet high.  In other parts of Gaza it's as much as 9 feet.   Some UN  workers who are assisting to evacuate families say in northern  Gaza there's water as far as the eyes an see.

According to  official news, rainfall and winter storm have caused "flash floods"  in Gaza.  Prior to that, the poor infrastructure of the Strip was taken for granted as the cause  for the rising sewage water.  As always, the truth is different.  The  entire catastrophe was planned, the responsibility for which lies  squarely on the regime at Tel Aviv  ..  its latest "war crime" as  stated by the Government of Gaza.  Israel's usual denial mixed with  sarcasm carries no weight.   It's once again the culprit.

Israel opens a sewage storage east of the Gaza Valley every  once in a while to cause environmental disaster.  It happened last year  in March, and it's happened again recently this year.  Hundreds of homes in Gaza were flooded with raw sewage water and   farmlands completely destroyed.  Israel is aware of the helplessness of the Gazans who cannot  use the wastewater treatment plant due to constant power outages resulting from an acute shortage of fuel.   Israel has never shown any respect for the environment in West Bank  either.   Awful environmental damage has been done in various cities of West Bank with frequent use of the foul smelling skunk spray by the IDF.

The cause for "flash floods" is just as deliberate.  Though Gaza is at  present under a state of emergency because of severe  winter conditions, the rising of rain water is caused by opening the floodgates of one of its dams close to eastern  Gaza by Israel.  It was done without any prior warning to the authorities in Gaza.  A week ago  Gaza's disaster response committee came to know that Israel was planning  to open the dams located east of the Gaza Strip.  It warned that the  Gaza Valley would soon be flooded within a few hours, appealing to the  people to evacuate their homes.   A lot of them are still trapped inside  their homes, some on their roofs and several have gone missing. Rescue  teams are using small boats to evacuate thousands of stranded men, women  and children.

Not to forget, the homes of thousands of Gazans were destroyed by Israeli air raids in  2008-2009 and also during the airstrikes in November 2012.  At least 600  such families were living in tents who have suffered the most.

It's time for  Egypt to end the permanent closure of the Rafah border and allow fuel  to pass into Gaza.  With vigilance and care, it can be done without any  danger to Egypt.  It's also time for Hamas in Gaza to forget about Morsi's ouster and reconcile with the Egyptian military and its people with assurances of doing whatever it can to prevent Hamas activists from misusing the reopening of the Rafah border by assisting members of the MB against the present Egyptian government.  

An urgent appeal has been made to Pope Francis in an open Christmas letter for helping Gaza.   However, it's doubtful if the Pope will heed who is just another stooge of the international power players.   Quoting an except from the letter:  

"Today’s  Israeli Herods have systematically made Gaza a hell on earth by  imposing a blockade in violation of international law that has made Gaza  an open air concentration camp imprisoning 1.7 million innocent people,  half of whom are children. As  the world makes merry this festive season, the people of Gaza have  deliberately been deprived of fuel by Israel for two months: they suffer  in freezing temperatures, with no electricity, no light, no heat,  scarcity of food, no essential services, when the waste water treatment  plant stopped functioning sewage flooded the streets- then kicking families while they are down so low,  Israel opened dams east of Gaza  drowning hope and the last vestiges of  normal life.  Imagine  truly if this Christmas you were were in Gaza, ‘suffering with Gazan  families, and you have no place to run, can’t get medical help for your  hungry and cold children, can’t  cook, clean their clothes, keep them  dry, warm, safe, happy.   Meanwhile  the Christian kings of the "free world," Obama, Cameron, Merkel,  Hollande, Abbott will attend Christmas mass under a blaze of cameras and  their own cruel hypocrisy in full knowledge that the Gaza  humanitarian  disaster, unlike the Philippines, is man-made.  Herod-made."