India's storm in a tea cup

Indians are attacking American food outlets in Mumbai and Delhi, protesting against the recent arrest of an Indian Diplomat in the U.S. for visa fraud and false statements of wages to her housekeeper.   

Here’s the irony of this story. 

While angry crowds in Mumbai and Delhi express their rage over one of their female diplomats "treated badly" being arrested and handcuffed, India is a country recognized even by its advocates as the most negative place for the birth of a female.  India has topped world record with the highest number of rapes year after year with New   Delhi widely known the "rape capital" of the country and Mumbai (the 'second runner-up') as the country's "new rape capital."  New Delhi with a population of 7.5 million women recorded a harrowing total of 661 rapes in 2012, and an additional total of almost 500 cases in Mumbai, Calcutta and Banglore.   The total incidents of violence reported against women (including rape) in India in 2012 was a colossal 244,270  despite majority of such cases going unreported.

Total rapes in 2013 is expected to be announced early 2014.  But  India is already jittery and embarrassed as the rape statistics of 2013  for New Delhi alone show 400 cases in the city within the first 3  months.  Judging from that figure, it would be logical to presume that the total for the year 2013 in New Delhi and the entire country could be far worse than 2012 despite the Indian government being forced to make tougher rules after the gang rape and death of a 23-year-old woman traveling in a bus last summer.  Not to mention, there has been 8 million cases of 'female foeticide' in India over the last 8 years, and an average of 8,500 dowry deaths every year !!

Each time the international media makes a move to talk about India's ever-deteriorating womens' rights record, the country frantically starts its blackmailing campaign to cut off cheap "bilateral trade worth $100 million."  With the recession still looming large, such a threat knocks the wind out of the West which is also using India as a partner for "counter terrorism" activities and to watch over the Muslim block of the region  with the clandestine intrusion of RAW.   Additionally, India also has sufficient backing from Israel to dodge the rule of law.

Being arrested and handcuffed is no fun. But it’s surely a way better choice than getting raped …. in most  cases raped and killed. 

Indians sure do have a lot of time to  waste.  Instead of cleaning up the filth and stench in their own backyard, they're busy pelting stones from a glasshouse over the arrest  and handcuffing (now released on bail) of a fraudulent diplomat flouting  the law.  Considering the legal enormity of her violation, if convicted, she could get up to 15 years in prison.  With India's 'expertize' in the field of manipulative corruption for decades, it's no surprise that New Delhi is now making a push to accredit this game-playing diplomat as a permanent representative of U.N. mission which would give her stronger diplomatic  immunity and consequently the status to elude the law.