Iranian Parliament demands more: How will the Western bullies react?

Lawmakers of the Iranian Parliament want uranium enrichment up to 60% to  enable Iran to continue working on its nuclear program.  The bill was  introduced by more than 100  lawmakers and tagged with a note of "double urgency"  which indicates  that  it could be taken up for discussion within a few days.

The mainstream media  calls them Iran's ""hardline""  lawmakers.    Hassan Rouhani is the '"moderate"'  who are usually the double talkers walking on glass.  If enriching  uranium or acquiring nukes is supposed to define one as a "hardliner,"  aren't those seven nations - USA, UK, France, Israel, Russia, China and  India - big time hardliners since a long, long time?
On a more serious note, let's hope the consequences of Rouhani's blunder  on hobnobbing with the West don't  reverberate all over Iran any time soon.  The New World Order is a  tricky place where the rule of law and honorable dealings are rejected  more often than not.  Once an arbitrator  breaks the major political norms for the protection of their sovereignty  and  caves in to the imperialist mobsters, there is no turning back.  Those  who do, are targeted still more brutally than before.  You cannot  appease them until you've been thoroughly vanquished and you fall down flat on your face, at their  feet, conceding that you surrender and accept your new credentials as a  chattel slave.  Despite the fact that Rouhani's government agreed to  enriching  uranium up to a mere 10%,  it got no appreciation in return except for  greater mistrust, further chastisement and more coercion.   
Quoting Reuters:  "Twenty-six  U.S. senators recently introduced a legislation to impose new  sanctions on Iran if the country breaks the Geneva interim deal.  This  legislation demands reductions in Iran's petroleum production and new  penalties to Iran's engineering, mining and construction  industries if it violated the negotiated agreement or if negotiators  failed to reach a favorable conclusive deal."  A little prior to this  legislation, "the U.S. government blacklisted 19 Iranian companies  and individuals under sanctions aimed at Iran's nuclear program"  as a  bullying tactic to intimidate Iran so it goes along with the  interim agreement to accepting still more oppressive deals in future.   
With their strong support for dictatorships, Western governments have  made no bones about their complete lack of respect for parliamentary  members of various countries who represent  their people.  At the moment, senior Western diplomats and officials  are trying to keep up their optimism by assuming that "hardline" lawmakers do not have the upper hand in the Iranian parliament after Rouhani's election.
However, if  the bill in support of 60% enrichment of uranium is passed and not vetoed by the Supreme Leader's unnecessary interference, then Hassan Rouhani's government will have no  other choice but to accept.  The mad  hullabaloo that will immediately ensue in the international community against Iran should be expected;  with  shouts that Iran is using 'parliament as a bargaining tool,' the noose  around her neck will be tightened more than ever before. 
That's  how miserably Iran has gotten herself trapped between the devil and the  deep .. either welcoming back the  colonialists onto her soil or facing far tougher sanctions than it did  during the past 34 years.  And the possibility of much louder war drums  being played across the Atlantic from Washington to Tel Aviv cannot be  ruled out by any means.