My bird watching days

I recall, how much I admired the free and seemingly happy lives of wild birds when I was a little girl.  When my dearest Dad would wake up my brother and me early in the morning to get ready for school, I would feel miserable.  No kid who is fortunate enough to go to school, likes being woken up for it in the morning.   After washing, getting dressed and eating some breakfast, I would relax in the large balcony overlooking our lush green and flowery garden, waiting for my dad to finish his prayers and breakfast and then to drive us to school on his way to office.  It would usually be a 20 to 25 minutes wait and the best part of my day!  I would lean against the railing of the balcony and truly enjoy every minute of my existence as an early morning bird watcher.  I was too young to know the names of all those different birds flocking the garden.  All I do remember is that they were colorful and beautiful, and they contributed greatly in enhancing the charm of the surroundings.  I would stand there watching them and cursing my luck for soon having to spend the next five hours in school while the birds were so lucky; flying, chirping, humming and singing amidst nature with not a care in the world.  I felt awfully envious of them.

The only time I never enjoyed watching birds (and still don't) was when I would see them caged.  I don't know why people do that.  It's downright cruel.  Even a big cage with plenty of feed and protection is a poor substitute for freedom. 

The contents in the following birds' website is reminiscent of some of the best moments of my life back in the past.  Merrily, it took me along the memory lane.  Of course, all those lovely birds I watched as a child must have long died as birds have very short lives.  But browsing through it brought those gorgeous little creatures back to life in my heart.  

I hope you will find it delightful to explore this website as I did.   Get started and enjoy!   And praise be to the Almighty Allah.

The Amazing World of Birds

Visit the link and learn about some incredible bird facts.  The rarest of them, the most common, the largest, the smallest, and of course, nests and eggs.

And, a few gorgeous birdy animations!