New images of Adra massacre

Following up on one of my previous blog entries titled Adra Massacre, here are four latest images released of the massacre carried out by Western backed terrorist groups in Adra, a suburb of Damascus in Syria, in an effort to topple the Government of President Bashar al-Assad.   

Another mass slaughter of at least 80 unarmed civilians by psychopaths armed and financed by the U.S. and the E.U.   The images also show the sick and dangerous lunatics displaying those whom they beheaded.

Will someone now ask the world's power players, are they finally content with the services of their killer mercenaries?  Already almost 150,000 innocent civilians have been butchered in Syria because of this senseless preemptive invasion!  Has the West had its fill of human blood or does it want more?   And remember, this is NOT a "revolution."  It's NOT a "civil war."   By far the majority of Syrians strongly support President Bashar.  This is an invasion. Syria has been under an unprovoked foreign invasion, a proxy war of the West, since April of 2011.   Syria is under attack for doing nothing .. only because President Bashar al-Assad values the sovereignty of his country and refuses to become a puppet of the West like the rest of the Arab and Turkish leaders. 

Source of the images:  SYRIA: Adra massacre: Militants show photos of those they beheaded

There is also a video of this massacre at the above website.  Frankly, I couldn't muster the courage to see it as I'm emotionally not strong enough.  These four very graphic images devastated me already.