'Prawer Plan' and the Day of Rage - November 30

Heard of the 'Prawer Plan?'  It's another mass illegal settlement plan by the Zionist government, a continuation of its series of land theft.  It's a campaign of ethnic cleansing for the Judaizaton of the Negev Desert by uprooting tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin citizens from their ancestral homes in the villages of the Negev Desert where they have been living since centuries.  The Negev Desert is located in the southernmost point of Israel and south-west to the Dead Sea.  The Israeli government's hypocrisy to justify the Prawer Plan claims that its aimed at improving the living conditions of the Negev Bedouin citizens and building schools for their children.  Yet, sine 2011 until now, more than 2,000 homes of 35 villages in the Negev Desert have been demolished and not a single family has been provided with alternative housing.  In due course, when fully implemented, the Prawer Plan is expected to displace at least 70,000 Bedouin citizens of the Negev Desert! 

As usual the news has never made it to the mainstream media.  Media blackout has contributed greatly to the unawareness of people around the world on the Prawer Plan and mass demonstrations against it named as the 'Day of Rage.'  On November 30, Israeli journalists added insult to injury by pretending they knew nothing about it.   At the angry protests in Negev and West Bank against the Prawer Plan, Israeli reporters and camera crew asked the protestors "what are you angry about?" 

It's now come to a point when attention can only be drawn through vigilante action of mass furious protests to express one's resentment. 

Quoting Dr. Elias Akhleh: "All these Israeli crimes of ethnic cleansing, land theft, illegal settlements buildings, extra-judicial assassinations are being perpetrated against the Palestinians under the eyes of the unwilling-to-move international legal bodies. Palestinians have given up on the futile peace negotiations. They lost confidence into the weak Palestinian Authority and its security apparatus, whose main job seems to protect Israeli interests rather than its own citizens.  They got completely fed up. Enough is enough. They have decided to take matters into their own bare hands. They have called for a Day of Rage demonstrations against Israeli crimes and have gone out into the streets in mass. It is only a matter of time before their rage develops into another, but more violent, Intifada."