Rowdy troika; supposed to be attending Nelson Mandela's funeral

Purposeful bratty behavior discreetly meant to  downplay the importance of the event and steal the limelight.  Thus,  the media is now abuzz talking about their tomfoolery rather  than the funeral.  European & North American leaders never had  genuine respect for Mandela at heart whose remarkable efforts put  imperialism/racism to shame.  They were forced to alter their racist  stance towards him only after a sudden surge in anti-apartheid feelings  during the 80s in the United States and consequently in Europe among the  common masses.   Much of the reality is exposed in this despicable  image.

 Helle Thorning Schmidt and David Cameron had no qualms  participating in such brainless frolic over a selfie during Mandela's  funeral with the excuse that they were "having a bit of fun" as if they  had never before seen a digital device for clicking images. Funeral is a  somber occasion, it's not the time for "fun."  Do world leaders need to  be told that?  I cannot recall  such gaiety at the funeral of a white  leader ever.  Can you?  And Barack Obama seems to be forgetting the  dog-days of his ancestors at the hands of these delinquents. He  shamelessly joins in their drollery during the funeral of a renowned  leader who fought the racism of these slave traders & mobsters with a  thumping victory.