Syrian children: Too much blood and tears; happiness is history

I hope you recall my blog entry of December 6 on the  unprecedented suffering of an entire generation of Syrian children  because of this nasty war. 

Please view some more heart rending images as the needless suffering of  these little angels continues because of the destructive ambitions of  the world's power players. 

As the saying goes "rich man's war, poor man's blood"

Observe  the way this heart broken child is weeping.  Children generally never put their hands on their forehead while crying.  This beautiful little child is unimaginably traumatized.

A Syrian baby displaced from home, frozen to death by exposure to the harsh winter.

One feels lost for words to describe such tragic images.

A little Syrian boy, frightened and distraught, he fled the violence from his village .. cries as he waits to get water at a displaced camp.

Heart breaking!

No child, no human being, no living being, deserves this.
Your tears crush my heart, dear innocent little one!

Never in history have innocent children been forced to suffer such needless trauma.

Just watching the misery of children can be so distressing .. imagine what the children must be going through within themselves.  Why isn't anyone talking about emotional counseling for Syrian and Palestinian children .. or are only Westerners &  Israelis entitled to emotional trauma? 

I can only pray and pray to God Almighty that this baby has survived her injuries.   I can so well understand the anxiety her parents must have gone through.  It's anything but easy.

Peaceful Syria which had not seen a single incident of ethnic or sectarian violence for the last 600 years at least, one of the very few countries in the world where Muslims and Christians lived happily and peacefully as friends and neighbors, a totally harmonious society ..... and look what the outsiders have done to it now!    Unforgettable.   

As an observer wrote:  "A kingdom made of children's bones and a parent who pays the  cost, a man whose back is decorated with shaprnel, beside a bride with a  veil of frost."       

~~ sigh ~   my tears ..... !!