A brief chronological look at the crimes of Ariel Sharon

Known as the "bulldozer" by many and the "butcher of Sabra and Shatila"  by all.  In a blood drenched career that spanned over decades, this man  destroyed entire cities and villages and was directly responsible for  the murders of countless unarmed civilians.  It's a pity that he died  without a trial and is instead getting a state funeral, setting another  record in history.  Justice has never been mocked so rudely. 

"I don't know something called International Principles.     I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this   area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because  the Palestinian childs existence infers that generations will go on, but  the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian  and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah in 1956).     I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian  women is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody  tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do."  - (Ariel Sharon, In an interview with General     Ouze Merham, 1956).    

The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism labels this authentic quote of Sharon as an "invention."

Quoting the response of Hugh Joseph which appeared on Rense:  "If this statement attributed to Sharon is an invention, then it is most unfortunate, and we must be grateful for having that pointed out. So the question that must be raised concerns the number of innocent, non-combattant, underage Palestinian children that are getting shot in the head, and just deliberately killed in general. Is this the policy of the IDF?  If it is not, then what is being done to stop it?"

War criminal, Ariel Sharon, began his career in the late 1940s working for the Israeli terrorist organization, Haganah, leading commando units carrying out deadly raids and forcing Palestinians to flee their homes. Haganah coordinated with Stern Gang and Irgun, committing many of the most awful crimes in history from 1948 onward.

The first act of Sharon’s career began after the 1948 war that established Israel at the expense of 750,000 Palestinians who were driven away in a campaign of mass expulsion.  On April 9th 1948, the massacre and capture of Deir Yassin was carried out with the knowledge of Haganah and the approval of its commander.  Although Sharon's name is purposely hushed in connection with it, it's almost certain he participated in the massacre. 

In  1953, Sharon was recalled from retirement.  In September 1953  he led  an attack on Bedouins in  demilitarized Al Auja village near the western  Negev-Sinai frontier, killing an unknown number of Palestinians.  Later  the same year, after a Palestinian assault on an Israeli farm on  occupied land,  Sharon led his men into the West Bank town of Qibya with orders from Ben Gurion’s office to "carry  out destruction and cause maximum damage." Soon after, 69 civilians, mostly Palestinian women and children, lay  dead.  Israeli soldiers went about in the village blowing up buildings,  firing into doorways and windows.  Sharon later claimed he thought the  demolished homes were empty.  But UN observers who inspected the scene  saw several cases of bullet splintered doors and bodies sprawled across  the thresholds, a foolproof evidence that "that the inhabitants had been  forced by heavy fire to stay inside until their homes were blown up  over them."

In the 1971 operation titled as "Pacification of Gaza," Sharon ordered  blowing up houses, bulldozing large tracts of refugee camps and imprisoning hundreds of young  Palestinians.  There was no count of the number of civilians killed or unjustly imprisoned and  their houses demolished.  The entire area was transformed  into a prison. 

Making a name for himself in Israel after the 1973 war with Egypt,  Sharon contributed in establishing the Likud Party, and along with it  came the second-half of his career. 

When he was the minister of  agriculture, Sharon bragged that he played a direct role in  establishing 65 illegal Jewish settlements during his 4 four years in  government. He  revealed his strategy during a chat with Winston Churchill’s  grandson: "We’ll make a pastrami sandwich out of them. We’ll insert a  strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then  another strip of Jewish settlements right across the West Bank, so that  in twenty-five years’ time, neither the United Nations nor the United  States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart."

After  becoming the Minister of Defense,  Sharon was full of dreams of an  Israeli-friendly Christian puppet government in Beirut.  Green lighted  by Menachem Begin in 1982 and titled as 'Operation Peace Galilee,"   Sharon invaded Lebanon with the excuse of expelling the PLO.  Israeli tanks  trundled across West Beirut and Sharon's forces flattened the city with  indiscriminate shelling.  Corpses were strewn everywhere spreading  diseases at epidemic proportions.  In July 1982, the Lebanese government  stated that at least 14,000  people had been killed, over 90% of whom were unarmed civilians and more  than 30,000 seriously wounded. In August of 1982,  U.S. proposed the  evacuation of PLO from Beirut which was accepted by the Israeli  cabinet.  The very next day, Sharon carried out an air attack, lasting  for 7 hours at a stretch killing 350 civilians in Lebanon.  Analysts  have often compared this incident with the attack on Dresden by the Allies toward the end of World War II. 

PLO  withdrew from Beirut according to the agreement, yet Sharon hadn't had  his fill.  He refused to have international protection for the  Palestinians who were evacuating Beirut.  Setting the stage for the most  dreadful slaughter and heinous crime of this war, the worst was yet to  come.   Following the assassination of Bashir Gemayel, the Christian warlord who  was to be Sharon’s handpicked puppet president of Lebanon, in September  1982 Israeli  forces surrounded the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in  south Beirut and sent the Christian Phalangist militias into the camps.   Sharon and all  his officers were well aware of the Phalangists’  intention to  murder as many women and children as they could. After two days of  slaughter, as many as 2,000 civilians were dead, with countless others  raped and brutalized.  The slaughter at Sabra and Shatila started on  September 16th until 18th of 1982.   As Sharon’s troops stood around the  besieged camps, Israeli searchlights illuminated the camps.  Israeli  army officers watched through binoculars as the death squads wrecked  havoc through the camps. Whole families were murdered, many were  raped and tortured before being killed. Scores of bodies were heaped  into  lorries and taken away for mass burial. The exact toll  will never be known.  But according to all sources, the minimal  estimated number is 2,000. 

In  1983 an Israeli commission itself (Kahan Commission) found Sharon  responsible for this massacre and urged for his resignation as Defense  Minister.  At first Sharon adamantly refused to step down.  But during  this time Jerusalem was thronged with  anti-war protestors when a  right-wing Jewish terrorist hurled a grenade into the crowd, killing a  few anti-war activists.  The incident prompted Sharon's resignation.   Yet, his career as a killer didn't end.  

On September 2000, after the collapse of peace talks at Camp David,  Ariel Sharon's incursion into Al Aqsa sanctuary  accompanied by at least 1,000 Israeli policemen and soldiers was staged  purposely to fuel rising tensions. It led to widespread rioting by  Palestinians and another brutal Israeli crackdown.  According to all  reports, Israel fired no less than 1.3 million bullets on unarmed  demonstrators on October 2000 alone.  It paved the way for the Al-Aqsa  Intifada (or the second Intifada).

In  July 2001, a Belgian court opened an inquiry into the Sabra and Shatila  massacre after a group of survivors filed a law suit.  The Christian  Phalangist commander who was also responsible for the killings agreed to  testify against Ariel Sharon.  A few months later, he was conveniently  assassinated, on which the the Lebanese Minister of Displaced  People commented "Israel doesn’t want witnesses against it in this  historic case which will certainly convict Ariel Sharon."  Soon after,  the Belgian court decided to discontinue the case citing Sharon's  diplomatic immunity. 

The criminal was elected Israel's Prime Minister in 2001.  While Israeli  bulldozers frequently traversed across Gaza and the West Bank, in April  of 2001 Sharon  announced his intention to "make separation across the land." He decided  to complete the plan introduced by another killer, Yitzhak Rabin, in  the 1990’s.   This plan was the construction of a vast  wall (we today see as Israel's apartheid wall across the West Bank)  that would thwart the Palestinian national movement, bring an end to  all future peace talks and cause unprecedented misery in the lives of the Palestinians.  It was designed to cut right into the West Bank  and Jordan Valley, annexing 80% of the illegal Jewish settlements in  West Bank with the state of Israel, and dumping the Palestinians  permanently in secluded ghettos.  

To  avenge the second Intifada, mainstream Israelis rallied behind Sharon,  their "vengeful protector."  In April 2002,  while Yassir Arafat was  imprisoned in his office at Ramallah compound, Ariel Sharon oversaw a  another preplanned brutal campaign of the demolition of Jenin, often  called the "massacre of Jenin." Sharon's excuse to invade Jenin was that  it served as a launch site for Palestinian attackers.  The IDF used  infantry, commando forces, armored bulldozers and assault helicopters.  A  town of 14,000 was turned  into rubble.  Sharon's government ordered to seal Jenin throughout the  invasion because of which the number of dead and injured were never  known .... even the locations of their  mass graves are not known.  We  only know that thousands were killed and wounded, and almost everyone  was made homeless. 

Though  Sharon's "disengagement plan from Gaza" led to major protests among  Israeli rightists which compelled him to break away from Likud and form  his own party, Kadima in 2005, it was never meant to promote peace.  It  was done with the intent of consolidating the occupation at West Bank by  steadily increasing the number of illegal  Jewish settlements.  The  8,000 illegal Jewish settlers living in Gaza were provided with better  and more luxurious illegal homes by destroying and bulldozing  Palestinian farms and houses in the West Bank.  Thus,  today we see a total of more than 600,000 illegal Jewish settlements peppered all over the West Bank.  A minister of Sharon's government  disclosed his telephone conversation with him on December 2005, quote:   "Let’s divide the West Bank and take  roughly one-third for ourselves, leaving two-thirds for the Arabs." 

Besides the theft, the  settlers left Gaza in 2005 after causing huge damage to Gaza's  environment.  Just as destruction of olive groves is a common occurrence  in Palestinian farms in the West Bank, Sharon orchestrated the  razing of hundreds of Palestinian citrus orchards in Gaza to make way for Jewish  colonization.  Were any Palestinian families in Gaza compensated for such tremendous losses after the illegal Jewish settlers left?  None at all!

After  the formation of Sharon's Kadima party, elections were scheduled for  March 2006.  But by the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty, on January 2006  Sharon suffered a serious stroke and massive  cerebral hemorrhage.  He  went into coma, never regained consciousness and died after 8 years of  vegetable existence on January 10, 2014 - a beautiful day for all lovers  of justice around the world!  Rejoice!!

Pharaoh of the Kayzar tribe who invaded the Holy Land with false claims of ancestral home - looking over the wall  between Israel and the West Bank city of Jenin in 2003.

Celebrating the butcher's death in Gaza by distributing sweets.  It's so nice to see some happiness for a change on the faces of the beloved people of Gaza. 


Above two images of Sabra and Shatila - 'courtesy' the Butcher of Beirut.

All of the following images, heartening scenes of celebration, jubilation and distribution of sweets in Gaza and West Bank at the news of the Butcher's death.