Hilarious rumors by Times of Israel. But what's the clandestine motive?

After the latest Israeli bill to annex the Jordan Valley, Saeb Erakat and Abbas have reportedly taken a drastic reversal from their usual treacherous lethargy and are pushing for a "final status deal" to finally conclude the talks that began in July 2012.  Its allotted duration was nine months.  Erakat refuses to extend it "one minute beyond the allotted nine months, ending in April."  Also, Abbas is supposed to have written to Obama that PLO won't accept Israel as a Jewish state, won't accept 1967 borders without Jerusalem, and won't accept any Israeli on Palestinian soil after Israel’s withdrawal is completed (not to mention there are thousands of illegal settlements in WB with no indications of budging).  Though Abbas has since long willingly agreed to Israel's condition of not allowing the return of refugees, according to Times of Israel, Abbas stated he won't agree to any solution that does not grant the right of return to millions of refugees along with compensation in accordance with UN Resolution 194, and the release of all Palestinian prisoners.  PA has supposedly passed these conditions to UN Security Council member states via the Arab League.   NOT that PA is asking for anything out of the ordinary which it shouldn't be demanding, but considering its apathy for years, this sudden flexing of muscles is much too unbelievable. 

Apart from the fact that there are no visible signs of Erakat or Abbas pulling up their socks for making any such preparations, the final piece of information that helps to comfortable dismiss that this news as nonsense with some hidden motive, is the confident claim of Times of Israel that the purpose of Erekat’s strategy is to eventually appeal to the EU and all relevant international bodies to grant approval to the PA  to file a suit against Israel with the ICC at The Hague.

Approval for filing a suit against Israeli crimes at The Hague and making it happen in the 21st century??   Even an congenital idiot would laugh at it.  

And as Stuart Littlewood writes, "It’s also a bit late in the day for Erekat to suddenly see the light. Does any of this actually take us nearer a sane justice process, as opposed to the shameful ‘kangaroo’ peace negotiations that Erekat and Abbas seem addicted to?"