Kiladaung Massacre of Burmese Muslims

It's January 2014.  Did you think the ethnic cleansing that began against the Muslim minority of Burma in June 2012 was over?  Not at all, unfortunately!   Buddhist state sponsored terrorism is endless.  The latest spate of killings happened on January 15 and 16 close to the Burmese town of Maungdaw, with alerts that more are to come.

On January 15, Rohingya Muslim village of Kiladaung was suddenly besieged.  The residents of the village thought they were robbers but soon discovered that they were Burmese policemen in plainclothes with their Buddhist mobsters.  The attackers began firing at the people who started to flee helplessly.  Those who couldn't run were killed.  The following day on January 16, Burmese officials came to the village accusing Rohingya villagers of killing a Burmese policeman and stealing his weapon.  No amount of denial of this false allegation made any difference.  The officials began taking photos of the village.  Burma Times reports: "After the officials left, mobs of Rakhine Buddhists and security forces went to Kiladaung at 1:00 p.m. and started slaughtering the residents, moving from house to house killing everyone, even babies."

By 6.30 in the evening, this village looked like a scene  from a horror movie.  Eye-witnesses that included Muslim relatives of the residents of Kiladaung who rushed to the village from other towns (being careful not to be spotted by  Burmese police) to find out about their loved ones, described bodies of children, women and men strewn everywhere .. most of them were young children. 

Mynamar national TV reported the killings of 60 Muslims.  But a reporter of Burma Times along with its editor, Ibrahim Shah, are absolutely certain the figure is much higher than 60.  Kiladaung was a village of 4,000 Muslims and 340 homes.  The entire village has been raised to the ground - burned and robbed.  After killing the residents, the police and the mob stole their properties - cattle, chickens, even doors and wood of houses, reported by Burma Times.

Also on January 16, five Rohingya Muslims were arrested from the nearby village of Gadusara, taken to another town and executed.

The reporter of Burma Times who has been actively monitoring this genocide since June 2012 reported "I have been writing how the regime created violence everywhere. In the name protecting Buddhism and Buddhists, they built dhammar-yun Buddhist worship house in every street, every ward, and every village.  Regime has been using legal method to create violence everywhere, slaughtering and torturing everywhere. All police, security forces, Nasaka, military, judges, courts, immigrations and Lun Htein are controlled by central Government of Thein Sein which has been ignoring the reality because it is State sponsored genocidal plan. One million Rohingya have been being blocked since June 2012."

The Rohingyas couldn't offer much concrete evidence of the Kiladaung massacre as the entire village was sealed.  Burmese government does not release evidence of its crimes.  Burma Times reported: "I would like to request International Investigation to got to Kiladaung as soon as possible."   Though UN stated there is "credible information" of this massacre, demanding that the Burmese government must seriously investigate it .... the Burmese government refuted the killings and only acknowledged the death of one policeman.

The notorious terrorist Buddhist monk named Wirathu, leader of the so-called "969 movement" has been holding conferences with the help of the government everywhere in the country to continue and promote ethnic cleansing against Muslims.  On January 16th 10,000 Buddhist monks held a conference for collecting signatures to support a law in the parliament prohibiting Buddhist women marrying men of other faiths, and curbing the rights of Burmese Muslims for forming political parties and voting. 

The goal of the Burmese government, its opposition and the monks is to create a Buddhist-only nation.  Opposition leader, Aung San Su Kyi has been complicit in the killings of thousands of Rohingya Muslims.   The international media is silent as if nothing has happened.  The UN which has long proven itself as a toothless champion of human rights has failed to put any pressure to stop this blatant injustice even though it has itself stated the Rohinygas as the most persecuted community in the world.  The slow-burning genocide continues relentlessly.

According to official reports, 125,000 Rohinyga Muslims have been displaced from June 2012 but the real numbers are thought to be much higher for sure.  The number of deaths have also exceeded 125,000 until now.