Precarious situation at Yarmouk Camp near Damascus

The Palestinian refugees at Yarmouk Camp, who were  unable to flee, have been  taken hostages by the  terrorists. With no  food, water and medicines in the Camp, the refugees are dying of  starvation and illnesses  rather than bullets.  The residents of  the Camp are being used as human shields as a cowardly battlefield  strategy of the terrorists after being cornered by the Syrian Army.   They are mostly Al-Nusra fighters and few of FSA.  They  are not  allowing any aid convoys to reach the Camp to deliver food and  life  saving medicines to its suffering residents.  One of their purposes is  also to defame the Syrian authorities.

Three  days  ago on January 13, an aid convoy 100 meters away from Yarmouk was  fired  at by the terrorists occupying the Camp.  Witnesses confirmed that   firing at the convoy erupted from parts of the Camp held by the infiltrating takfiris.

According to a Press TV report, the aid convoy barred from  reaching Yarmouk on January 13 and  threatened with bullets was the  sixth such retinue that had to return  unsuccessfully, failing to enter  the premises of the camp.  It consisted of six trucks carrying 30 food parcels, 1700 kg each, enough to feed every single family for at least 20 days.

Majority of the half  million Palestinian refugees living in Syria  after being expelled from  their homeland in 1948 and then again in  1967 were living in Yarmouk.    Over the past 12 weeks, at least 40  have died of starvation and thirst.  Yet the  militants remain unmoved  and unrelenting. 

Yarmouk  Camp near Damascus in Syria was established in 1957.   It's 2.11 square  kilometers in size.  With time it improved and  expanded with much better  living conditions than other camps in Syria  and Lebanon. Residents of Yarmouk Camp were of various professional  fields - doctors, engineers, civil servants, casual laborers, street  vendors etc. - happy and content as a community until the catastrophe  that began in 2011 by the 'courtesy' of the West.  

USA, UK, EU, Israel and the leaders of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan are supporting the militants operating in Syria with weapons, money and  safe passage across  the borders into Syria.   

Please read the following excerpt from an alert urgently issued by the United States Palestinian Community Network’s (USPCN).

"We   call for an end to the hostilities in the camp, and for food and   medical supplies to be delivered immediately to those in need.  Our   Palestinian compatriots have been caught up in the ongoing Syrian   conflict and paying for it with their lives, as over 30 have already   died from malnourishment and freezing temperatures.   We must not forget   our refugees, nor why they are in Yarmouk to begin with: the ethnic   cleansing and displacement at the hands of the Israeli government that   forced them to flee their rightful and original homes in 1948 and again   in 1967.  We hold Israel accountable for the situation of the residents   of Yarmouk, because it is Israeli policies that ultimately deny the   Palestinians their Right of Return to the original homes and land from   which they were forced.  And we again demand this Right for Yarmouk and   all Palestinian refugees around the world.

The   armed groups hiding in the camp must exit, and that the siege of the   camp must end immediately. In addition, we call for appropriate support   from the United Nations to ensure safe entry for the immediate   introduction of food, relief aid, and medicine to the camp.  And of   course, we recognize the dire costs of the current fighting to our   beloved Syrian people.

Instead  of  ensuring the safety and well-being of Palestinians everywhere,  Abbas,  with no legitimacy or popular support, instead continues to  pursue a  failed policy of negotiations with Israel."

Action Alert: End the Siege on Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria

Foreign-backed militants take position on a front line in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.

She died of starvation.  Absolutely tragic beyond words !!!!

Some of the more fortunate Palestinian refugees who were able to flee Yarmouk.

Three Palestinian siblings at a refugee camp in the town of Tyre (south  Lebanon) after fleeing Yarmouk Camp in Syria near Damascus.

This is Sabra & Shatila Camp in Beirut .. whatever remains of it  after being completely ravaged and majority of its residents butchered  by Israel & the Christian Labanese militia in 1982).  Sabra &  Shatila will most likely see another influx of Palestinian refugees,  this time from Yarmouk Camp in Syria - a layer of tragedy upon another!

Zionist and Western backed foreign terrorists in Yarmouk recently fired  at the demonstrations for "residents return to the camp" causing several  casualties.

Rally at Palestinian refugee camp of Beddawi in north Lebanon in support  of Yarmouk.  Beddawi Camp is approximately 10km from Nahr al-Bared and  overcrowded with thousands of displaced Palestinians.  But at least they  are safe.