Rapid rise of Hindu fundamentalism

India  has long been known for its religious intolerance alongside its hypocrisy  for pretending otherwise.   Lately both Muslim and Christian minorities of India have been  targets of abuse with complete support of the provincial governments and police.  The situation is getting worse with the passage of time.

The widespread assaults, killings and  rapes perpetrated on Muslims in India have been widely perceived by many Hindus as legitimate in the 'war'  against Muslims, other minorities and anyone else who dares to  display disloyalty to the notion of a Hindu nation. The world powers  have constantly remained silent, helping fundamentalism marked with severe violence evolving into an inseparable part of the Hindu state.

Statements like "India used to be a tolerant state"  would be incorrect for a country that seriously plans its modern social   infrastructure on the basis of the harshest forms of apartheid called  "caste system" by segregating millions on the basis of their darker  skin  and lesser wealth leading to gross discrimination, massive  poverty, unimaginable class distinctions and maldistribution of wealth  within the Hindu community itself. 

Hatred and  discrimination against Muslims in India has been an old story,  following which, animosity against Christians has also steadily been on  the  rise.  Over the past decade, BJP and VHP parties have attacked numerous  mosque and church services with machetes, knives, sticks and  spears with accusations that they were carrying out missionary  activities to convert Hindus.  There have been plenty of incidents of  Christian priests  dragged out of their homes or churches, beaten to pulp and left to die.   Many Muslims as well as Christian religious leaders have been  attacked on busy streets and set on fire, similar to what's happening in  Burma against the Muslim minority. 

Persecution of Christians began zealously by Hindu extremists since the mid  1990s and has been erupting periodically ever since.  The most horrific such attack was in the Indian province of Orissa in the east of the country in 2008.  Reported by the Catholic Online website "Hindu  Terrorist groups are hunting down priests, nuns and pastors in order to  kill them. In Orissa, these fundamentalist groups have total immunity."    The international community is not pressuring the Indian government to take serious  steps to stop this persecution nor the forceful conversions of  Chrisitans into Hinduism.  Neither is the Indian government taking  effective steps to control the Hindu bigots who are completely wiping out the culture of  religious tolerance.  On the contrary, it's widely suspected that the  provincial government of Orissa has been systematically providing help to the Hindu  fundamentalists.

At present Christians in Orissa are being chased out  of their homes and churches and their Bibles destroyed / burned.   They have been told that they can only return if they renounce  Christianity and convert to Hinduism.  

What  is happening in Orissa bears an uncanny similarity to the events of  the Gujrat riot of  2002 perpetrated against the Muslims  in which more than  2,000 were killed, all Muslims, and their homes and businesses  completely destroyed.  Those Muslims who escaped the killings and went  into hiding were warned that they could return only under the following  conditions:

(1) If they left Islam and convert to Hinduism 
(2) If Muslim women agreed to dress like Hindus
(3) If Muslims agreed to hand over their businesses to Hindus
(4) If all cases of rape by Hindu terrorists and vandals against Muslim women were withdrawn

In  1992, the entire world witnessed terrifying Hindu fundamentalism and  its frenzy that led to the destruction of the Babri Masjid in the city  of Ayodhya, in northern  India.  On the morning of December 6th 1992 (the day Babri Mosque was  demolished), the radical BJP party and several other supporting Hindu  organizations arranged a huge religious ceremony of 150,000 people to  approve the construction of a temple at the site of the Babri Mosque after demolishing it.  In 2005, the Indian Intelligentsia acknowledged  that demolition of the Babri Mosque was planned by senior leaders of BJP  and VHP at least ten months in advance.  The extremist Hindu leaders  were unanimously of the view that demolition of the Babri Mosque  would help to heighten the popularity of Hindu fundamentalist political  parties.

Since the start of the third millennium, civil rights in India have been trampled like trash.  It's not safe to criticize India  on networking  sites any longer.   In November 2012, the world stood shocked when two  female students were  arrested for a Facebook comment where they expressed their discontent  over a long traffic shutdown in Mumbai for the funeral of a man named  Thackeray, founder of an extreme Hindu right-wing party.  This man had  incited many incidents of violence and hatred between Muslims and  Hindus.  In October 2012, another person was arrested for criticizing a  son of the finance minister. 

In early 2009 a group of forty right wing Hindu fundamentalists barged  into a bar in the Indian city of Manglore in southern India, dragged  out young women and men and beat them up mercilessly.  It's widely known  that the attack was  preplanned and the media was "invited."  While the media was enjoying  taking images, the men and women were getting severely thrashed. Most  surprisingly, all attackers were set free by right wing politicians and  the ruling fundamentalist government of the province.   Not a single attacker was arrested nor punished.

Now this should give any reasonable person a pause. A new craze among Hindu  fundamentalists that make up a huge majority in that nation is the  insistence to build Hindu temples close to all sites where the Indian  authorities decided to conduct nuclear tests.  This madness arises from the notion that many Hindu fundamentalists believe ancient Indians possessed  atomic weapons.  They went still further coming up with a concocted code, "AOm-made@bombs," as a symbol of this myth.

The ideas of the Indian military have  only exacerbated the fundamentalism of its people.   The military names  its long range missiles after Hindu idols revered by them which deepens  their furor and excitement.

Numerous radicals in Mumbai have been saying that because of building temples near the atomic bomb test sites, eunuchs are no longer being born among Hindus and they can now "face the world as real  men."

A fantasy circulating in many traditional Indian circles is the recovery of a so-called ancient Hindu empire starting from Java in south-east  Asia and extending into Afghanistan and central Asia.  It's precisely the same mindset as the Zionist  maps of Greater Israel extending across the Middle-East or the orthodox  Calvinist views of strong Anglo-Celtic males ruling the 15 confederate  states of America.   

Hindu  fundamentalism and old European Orientalism have been exchanging notes for a long time in the past.  The early leaders of Hindu funamentalism were  profoundly influenced by European Orientalism that involved imaginary  ideas and distortions through exaggerations of Arab culture as a method  of elevating their own image.  The  same ridiculous Orientalism that gave    power hungry Europeans the excuse to view Asians as "effeminate and  impotent, thereby    lacking the ability for self rule," was used by so-called Indian  scholars to create a    view of India.  Many modern European writers after a careful study  have asserted that what you now see as Indian philosophy is actually  heavily mixed with what was known as "German idealism." 

Similarly, "swastika," known as "svastika"  in Hindu language or Sanskrit was borrowed by Germans from old Hindu  philosophies as a symbol of dominance.  The Hindu "svastika" translated  as "good to be" which, with a slight twist, can apply to just about any  ideology in the world.  Its  Nazi use  was linked to the belief in the Aryan cultural descent of  the German people. Strange German legends and folk tales considered the  early Aryans of India to be the original "white invaders" and  consequently they hijacked the sign as a symbol of the  Aryan master race.  It's a striking racist similarity between Germany  and India which like Germany, also dwells on the superiority of the  Hindu race setting up a larger Hindu state.  The swastika is widely  found in the Buddhist community as well.  In Europe it was particularly  used in Britain, Finland, Austria and Germany.  The British author Rudyard Kipling, who was a lover of Indian culture, had a swastika on the covers of all his books  until the rise of Nazism when he was compelled to distance himself from it.  The Finnish Air Force also used it as its official symbol in World War  II, and it still appears on Finnish medals.  Also,  a pattern of interlocking swastikas has been used to design the floor  of the cathedral of Amiens in France.  Prior to WW2, the swastika was seen widely in European architecture.   It disappeared from Europe after WW2 for being so closely linked with  Nazi Germany.  But it's still commonly found in Indian artwork and Hindu  architecture.

Plenty  of Hindu fundamentalist groups  began as early as 1910s and 1920s but remained stunted only to  gradually grow and spread their evil branches after independence from  British rule.  As a result, today, the so-called "largest democracy  in the world" claimed to be the land of religious tolerance is in fact  the battleground of hate, violence, communal riots and killings against the country's minority.

Gujrat riot 2002 - a Muslim man burned on the streets.

Hindu rioters in Gujrat 2002.

A train in Gujrat burned by Hindu radicals 2002.

Gujrat riots - Muslim bodies at platform of train carnage 2002.

Gujrat riots - a Muslim man begs for peace in tears - 2002.

Orissa - hindus against Christians.

Orissa riot - body of a Christian man on the street.

Christians protesting against Orissa riots.

Gujrat riot 2002.

Gujrat riot 2002 had the chief minister, Modi's sanction - state sponsored terrorism. 

Another scene from Gujrat riot 2002.

A hindu extremist in Gujrat 2002.  The apologetic West calls them "nationalists."  But to put it plainly, they are killer terrorists.

Babri Mosque - hindu fundamentalists preparing to violently demolish the Mosque in December 1992. 

Frightfully filthy & deadly hindu fundamentalists rushing to destroy the Babri Mosque.  The photo had to be edited as these extremists are stark naked and the entire image looked even more sick & dirty than this!   (Dec. 1992).

Hindu fundamentalists climb on the dome of the Babri Mosque to destroy it - December 1992.       



  1. thats are real terreriots bt govmt his them so muslim cant do any think bcaz they are alone bt Allah is there they will nestonabood InshaAllh


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