~ Sigh ~ What sort of a sick joke is this?

Major propaganda outlets and their lackeys have spewed countless ugly  myths and gossips but this one takes the cake!  Guess what this time?   Accusing President Bashar al-Assad of having links with Al-Qaeda. 

Psychologists  are right in assessing that utter despair triggers the act of taking  desperate steps.  Liars and propagandists are their own worst enemies  when they assume the rest of the world to be a bunch of twats like  themselves. 

Assad accused of boosting al-Qaeda in Syria

Exactly the same hilarious allegation was brought against Saddam Hussein when GWB was itching to attack Iraq - the big lie that Saddam was linked with bin Laden's Al-Qaeda.  The entire world knows that whatever else Saddam might have been, one thing which he was not was being linked to Al-Qaeda.

So, why is the West and its GCC allies getting so desperate? 

It's the hallmark of the guilty to give a spin to the truth by dumping their own actions on the innocent.  The blatant fact is the West has been hobnobbing with Al-Qaeda since March 2011.  That needed a big twist to make it look like Assad is hobnobbing with Al-Qaeda.  Though most common Americans and Europeans are awfully insular and gullible,  surely even they wouldn't be such seasoned idiots to buy a tale as ludicrous as this. 

President  Assad has willingly agreed to hold elections, the Syrian people have agreed  but the West hasn't and neither have their Gulf allies nor the Al-Qaeda  & FSA mercenaries they're so eagerly funding.  They want Assad to step down  unconditionally without elections and to install a Salafist  Israel-friendly government in Syria.  That's the new style of  introducing "democracy" in the 21st century, isn't it?

The latest episode of this desperate scenario involves the selection of a thug named Ahmed Jarba.

He  is the third opposition leader the West has desperately chosen in less  than one year.   Not being able to defeat the Syrian Arab Army nor the  resolve of the Syrian people, US and EU have been reshuffling FSA since early 2013 and  trying to unsuccessfully organize new indigenous insurgent groups after getting a bit nervous of John McCains's beloved Frankenstein, Al-Qaeda, with all of its  mass murders and psychotic behavior.  The West has steadily raised the budget for weapons and monthly salaries, yet nothing  has worked so far. 

Moaz al-Khatib, leader of  the so-called SNC (Syrian National Council),  acknowledged in February 2013 that the Syrian 'revolution' had failed and  he resigned.  The Western leaders didn't persuade him to stay as they  knew  he had no backing even among the insurgents and was no unifying figure.   Then the frantic West chose a US-based Syrian Salafist, Ghassan Hitto, completely unknown to the Syrian people.  He threw the towel only a few  months later in July  2013 expressing his total inability to form an interim government and  administer rebel-held areas.  Now the US & EU have chosen Ahmed  Jarba, another loafer with criminal records to head the Syrian  opposition which includes approximately 10% Syrian fighters of the so-called FSA  ("Free" Syrian Army).  90% of rebels are the foreign fighters belonging to at  least three Al-Qaeda branches who have been fed and fattened by the West since April 2013, following the fortune that was showered on Al-Qaeda by NATO in Libya making this terrorist organization one of the richest entities in the world!  

In  a state of wretched hopelessness, Al-Jazeera, the mouthpiece of Western  propaganda in the Middle-East, has decided to publish a bad joke .. a  very, very bad joke (please read the link provided above) which is only suitable for being printed out and used as a toilet roll.