You won't find a better verbal illustration of the phrase "made my stomach churn"

"Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you" - Canadian PM to Israeli Knesset.

Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, in his six-day visit to Israel and the Middle-East addressed the Israeli Knesset and poured his heart out. 

- He lambasted all of Israel's Western critics and labelled  them  anti-Sematic.

 - Lashed out at everyone who speaks of Israel as an apartheid state.

 - Chastised those who boycott Israel.

 - Blamed all critics for denying Israel's right to self-defense and addressed them as the new face of anti-Semitism.

 - Referred to Israel as a state based on freedom, democracy and rule of law.

 - Talked of the dangers of Syria and Iran.

 - Expressed his willingness to keep sanctions in place and continue opposing Iran's nuclear program.

 - Not a word on the endless murders by IDF and staggering human rights violations in Gaza and the West Bank.

 - Not a word on those hundreds (if not thousands) of minor Palestinian children abused in Israeli prisons in addition to adult and female prisoners subjected to constant mistreatment.

 - Not a word on Israel's use of WP and other lethal chemical weapons in Gaza.

 - Not a word on demolitions of Palestinian homes and bulldozing of farmlands which are like a cup of tea in the West Bank.

 - Not a word on over 600,000 illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian soil with Israeli plans to build more.

-  Not a word on the obnoxious Prawer Plan that aims at kicking out  hundreds, if not thousands, of indigenous Arabs from the Negev Desert.

The outrageous performance went on and on until finally the  Zionist legislators rose in a standing ovation.  Only two Arab-Israeli  members of the Knesset, Ahmed Tibi and Abu Arar, walked out.

When Harper announced his official visit to Israel in Canada, he sung a song to the Canadian Zionist lobby as a show of his happiness and enthusiasm. He got a "rock-star"  welcome at his arrival in Israel.  When he visited the Western Wall, he  was thronged by Zionist supporters.  When he visited the Church of Nativity,  one of his media crew reportedly assaulted a Palestinian journalist physically.   Today at a dinner hosted by Netanyahu & co., he sung a Beatles song  to the audience followed by resounding cheers; in an article talk-back  at Yahoo, almost every Canadian expressed their shame at this wicked  clown. 

It  seems that such blatant and laughable sycophancy, hypocrisy and support for injustice is a part  of the strategy of almost all modern world leaders to distract the world  from the crimes of Israel.  Harper, Hollande, Cameron and more ... it's  hard to say which one is more sick.  But I'm sure that it would be  highly inappropriate to categorize any one of them as humans.  Our pet  cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters can teach them tons of lessons on ethics and  correctness.

Lack  of principles and immorality being so inherent of humans, it seems that  planet earth is forever destined to be in the grip of some awful  empire or the other.  For 2,000 years the world cringed in fear of the  Roman Empire and then the Inquisitors. This is the era of the savage and  ferocious Zionist empire that stops at nothing to uphold its hegemonic  interest.

With folks like Harper, Hollande and Cameron, the hypocrisy is straight from the heart.  It might be better described as a genuine passion for injustice.  That's the most shameful part of it.

The good thing is that nothing is permanent in this world; and Divine Justice is flawless which awaits every corrupt hypocrite, tyrant and traitor in the next world.