Christians slaughtering Muslims in Central African Republic

There seems to be no peace just about anywhere in this planet!

Religious  violence in the Central African Republic has spread like wildfire.  The  Christian militants seem to be going completely berserk in their  murderous orgy.

Central African Republic (CAR) has a population approximately of 5 million -  80% Christians and 15% Muslims.

Seleka rebels, a coalition of several groups, mostly Muslims, toppled the government of  president Francois Bozize by end 2012 citing economic and political grievances, not religious ideology. Michel  Djotodia became the first Muslim president of CAR.  By summer of 2013  the situation again got tense.   In September 2013 fighting broke out  between the Seleka rebels associated with the government and the radical  Christian anti-balaka coalition.  In January 2014 President Michel  Djotodia resigned and was succeeded by Catherine Samba Panza who was  formerly the mayor of Bangui and the first female president of the  country. However, the fighting still continues and has turned into a  fully religious war with Christians hunting down and killing Muslims.

Thousands of  Muslims have fled for their  lives to neighboring countries as the Christian terrorists and their  supporters have stepped up brutal attacks since the last few months.   The entire Muslim district at Bangui looks like a ghost town.  It's  completely empty.  The scenes have been awfully gruesome.  Muslims have  been killed by armed and violent mobs almost every day.  Their bodies  have been brutally mutilated and dragged through the streets of Bangui  in front of peacekeepers.  Reportedly they are also tracking down and  slaughtering those they suspect of supporting the former Muslim  government.

The political  violence that turned into religious violence is now slipping into  general chaos and lawlessness with armed robberies on the  rise. 

Fleeing of all  Muslim traders and cattle-herders have resulted in severe shortages of  food and items of daily use in the  markets of CAR.  Prices have skyrocketed.  Aid agencies have said that  famine and economic collapse seem eminent in the near future. 

Reported by 'Doctors Without Borders' - "Armed  men have announced that they intend to track down and kill all the  city's Muslims.  Anyone who hides Muslims is also at risk."

Recent  warnings by a senior UN official and Amnesty International have stated  that the intense violence in CAR against Muslims amounts to "ethnic cleansing." 

A few days ago the UN refugee agency described the situation as "a humanitarian catastrophe of unspeakable proportions".

The head of the French mission at CAR has officially called the Christian militamen "enemies of peace."  The French presently have 2,000 troops deployed in CAR. 

International peacekeeping troops including the French are trying hard  to disarm the Christian terrorists but until now they haven't been  successful. 

NY Daily News writes: "As thousands flee amid looting and murder, the new and first female  president of the Central African Republic vowed to hunt down  bloodthirsty gangs of Christians who have been lynching and beating to  death terrified Muslims."