Shame on Danish zoos where the zoo officials are the real animals!

On Feb 9, 2014, a  healthy young giraffe named Marius was put down at Copenhagen zoo  despite an international campaign to save it.  The reason cited was  Europe's "inbreeding" law and that the genes of the young male giraffe were  considered useless for breeding as they were too common claimed by the  zoo officials.  According to this bizarre law, only unrelated animals  are allowed to breed; a lame excuse to get access to brutal practices.   The European Association of Zoo & Aquaria supported the gross  decision of the Copenhagen zoo stating "Our aim is to safeguard for  future generations a genetically diverse, healthy population of animals  against their extinction."  So, what downside has inbreeding shown so  far?  Just about nothing.  Forget about animals.    Marriage between members of extended families (first, second, third  cousins and beyond) in humans are rampant in dozens of countries that  have shown no evidences of immediate nor long-term negative affects.  I wouldn't be surprised if cousin marriage in Denmark carries the  death penalty any time in future while dangerous criminals are being set free.

Other zoos, including the Yorkshire wildlife park in Britain  had offered to take Marius.  Yet the Copenhagen zoo gave a deaf ear and murdered the poor little giraffe.  The zoo officials also  refused to release the animal into the wild saying there was no  "programme" for it.  Outrageous!  Much to the surprise of civilized  humans, the giraffe wasn't even euthanized.  It was put down by being  shot in the  head.  Totally disgusting!!  It got still worse.  The sheer  savagery of the process was jaw dropping.  For autopsy the  body of the animal was dissected with live footage streamed by one of  the Danish channels.  Zoo workers wearing colored gloves cut up the animal  before a large and fascinated crowd consisting of many children with an  announcer that guided the onlookers.   Later on, the  carcass was thrown into the lion's cage and fed to the hungry big cats.   That probably helped the Copenhagen zoo to save some money on dinner  for the lions that evening.  After all everything revolves around money .... still more since the endless, crippling recession in Europe even if it means saving a single Euro.

And now, on February  12th 2014,  another Danish zoo, Jyllands Park Zoo, said  it might put down another baby giraffe in accordance with European laws  on inbreeding.  This giraffe, by  coincidence, is also named Marius.  Killers of the Jyllands Park Zoo  announced that they will go ahead with their decision if the zoo  manages to acquire another female giraffe, which it most likely will.

Such appalling laws and hair-raising practices have nothing to do with the welfare of zoo animals as shamelessly claimed through rhetorical manipulations and labels of "inbreeding" and "genes."  They simply come from a lust to kill.  Europe's natural  instincts of medieval cruelty toward animals aren't a secret.   That basically hasn't changed until now.  The world  has seen enough shocking images of Faroe Islands where mass killing of  whales and dolphins have turned the sea frightfully red much to the  pleasure of the killers.

It's  always been a typically European and British tradition for thousands of  years to hunt with the utmost of brutality for pleasure as a sport, not  as a necessity to find food.  Habits die hard.  The 21st century has changed nothing!