Ukrainian protests smell of Western interference

Ukrainian opposition leader, Yulia Tymoshenko, was one of leading figures in 2004 'Orange Revolution' of Ukraine.  Taking advantage of the fact that the Orange Revolution was supported by the United States, Yulia Tymoshenko has been a bit of a troublemaker too.  More than her leadership abilities, she thrives in instigating the crowd and igniting a furor.

"Orange Revolution" was supposed to be pro-democracy headed by Viktor Yushchenko who served as President from 2005-2010, preceded by Leonid Kuchma and succeeded by Viktor Yanukovych who won the 2010 polls.  It's anyone's guess whether or not this uproar is headed in the right direction, and is it really supported by the majority or only the pro-West segments?  After all, Viktor Yanukovych did beat Yulia Tymoshenko only 5 years later in a second round of voting in 2010.

Trouble gradually stirred up end of last year when the President in power, Victor Yanukovych, decided to postpone an agreement with the EU.  The presumption of the protesters is that the agreement would have sparked economic growth and pushed the country toward modernization.  True enough Ukraine isn't doing well economically.   But which country is?   The EU itself as an entity is neck-deep in crap.  It has shown its inability to help its own member countries for months if not years.  How progressive did Ukraine become during those 5 years of Viktor Yushchenko's rule that a rickety agreement with the EU now will enable the Ukrainians to roll on a bed of roses?   Until now more than 80 have died.  Makes one wonder, is this really about achievement or merely the excitement of participating in a deadly hullabaloo which the U.S. is enjoying across the seven seas?

Last but not least, these protests are anything but peaceful.  Protesters are armed not just with sticks but with guns, "capturing" policemen and throwing molotov cocktails.

Trouble in Ukraine is already being used as a propaganda tool.  An article on Yahoo Canada posted a brief article on Ukraine with the video and statement "No, this isn’t the apocalypse. This is Ukraine  ...... Makes you appreciate Canada a little more now, doesn’t it?   Ask many of those Canadians who are living on $9,000 a year and doing their grocery shopping from the Food Bank. I'm sure lots of those Ukrainian protesters are no worse off.