Wildlife in occupied Kashmir getting dangerous

Reportedly leopards and bears are roaming in residential areas of Indian occupied Kashmir like stray dogs and cats:

Caught between the devil and the deep!  The  Muslim majority of occupied Kashmir are not only going  through the ordeal of occupation by Indian forces, but lately they have also been perpetually facing the danger of being attacked by wild animals from the forests. 

During the past 20 years, very few locals ventured to go deep into the forests  for fear of being caught in crossfires between the  freedom fighters and the Indian security forces.  The local hunters  were ordered to hand in their guns.  The impact of all that has led to a huge increase in the wildlife population.    Not just black partridge, pheasants and deer have increased in the  thousands, but man-eater leopards, black bears and wolves are seen  roaming well beyond the pine forests and around residential areas "like  stray dogs and cats" as stated by a resident.  The number of black bears has particularly  proliferated from 700 about twenty years ago to 3,000 at present.   Already  more than 55,000 Kashmiris fighting the Indian occupation have been killed  since the past 20 years.  And now scores are getting killed every year  by wild beasts.  

Leopards and bears have unleashed terror in the valley.  Hundreds of  people have lost  their lives while the number of those injured cannot be assessed.   Quoting a resident, Mudasir Ahmed Khan:  "It is very difficult to go out  in the fields alone as wild animals like  leopards, black bears and even wolves are roaming freely, and anyone  caught between these animals either gets killed or badly injured."  

Another  resident described the situation as the "wild animals being on a killing  spree."  The town of Sopore is prone to wolf attacks.  Much of the  nearby pine forests were cleared  during the insurgency by forest smugglers, and wolves have started coming  to residential areas in search of food.  The residents say the wolves  are just as dangerous as leopards and bears, literally tearing people  into pieces if attacked. 

Farmers are afraid to go to their fields and orchards in the morning and evening hours.  Whenever they do go, they go in groups.

Residents also mention that vast areas of  Kashmiri forests were cleared by Indian authorities during the  insurgency.  Consequently, pregnant bears, leopards and wolves came down  to the plains for their safety and to deliver their cubs nearer to the  villages and towns.  When these cubs grew up, they became used to the environment  away from the forests and people in residential areas began getting  attacked more frequently.