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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Caught on tape: Rajab Erdogan's lessons on brigandry to his son

From maverick to a decrepit dictator and evil mentor, nothing seems to be improving for Erdogan in his country.  His corrupt image has become synonymous with money.  Three days ago, on February 26 in a demonstration against their government's massive corruption, fake money notes were flashed before the camera by Turkish children participating in the demo.

A few days ago, an audio tape popped up in which Erdogan's voice was heard telling his son "to get rid of millions of euros in cash on the day of the police raids" reported by Al-Akhbar.  More recently, just a couple of days ago, a second audio tape was posted online where Erdogan is heard suggesting to his son not to accept a certain amount of money offered by a businessman in order to extort more from him.  Al-Akhbar reports, ' "Don't take it. Whatever he has promised us, he should bring it. If he is not going to bring that, there is no need," the voice purportedly belonging to Erdogan says.  The others are bringing (the agreed amount of money). Why can't he? What do they think this business is?... But don't worry they will fall into our lap." '

Charges of corruption against Rajab Erdogan include, "bribery in construction projects, gold smuggling and illicit dealings with Iran," which is heading toward becoming a leading market for bootleggers run by double-talking, corrupt and autocratic mullahs with narcissistic personality disorder.  No surprise Erdogan's relations have suddenly begun improving with Iran like magic!

The draconian measures taken by Erdogan's party henchmen for silencing dissent and calls for the PM's resignation include shutting down over 300 internet sites, closure of private television channels airing independent political views, sacking of scores of police and prosecutors, and recently shutting down all private prep schools run by one of Erdogan's arch critic exposing his corruption, Fethullah Gulen.

Despite all of that, Rajab Erdogan continues to remain Washington's man - trump card of all thieves and killers.

Children collect fake money after a demonstration against corruption on February 26, 2014 at the Istiklal avenue in Istanbul. (Photo: AFP - Ozan Kose)
Children collect fake money after a demonstration against corruption on February 26, 2014 at the Istiklal avenue in Istanbul. (Photo: AFP - Ozan Kose)

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