Turkey: Best laid schemes of mice and men

More than 140,000 civilians and soldiers have died so far in Syria and the number is rising.  Millions have fled their homes and have been made refugees outside and within Syria.  The Turkish backed terrorist infiltrators consisting of the "Syrian opposition" are controlling some portions of Syria particularly several border crossings between Syria and Turkey.  But they have not been able to gain a single significant victory in 3 years, rather they've gotten extremely fragmented and wrapped up in their own infighting.  Turkey is itching to get involved directly by staging a false flag of course .. the most popular feature of the Zionist playbook which the Turkish government has been much too quick to pick.  In the meantime, as RT reports "Turkey's NATO allies will be on standby as Ankara plots Syria strike excuse."  The plan was for Turkey to stage a missile operation against itself - (preferably with the hope of killing some of its own people) as justification for carrying out a Turkish military offensive against Syria.

As luck would have it, the scheme discussed over a telephone conversation between senior Turkish officials leaked out and was uploaded on Youtube, leaving Turkey "red-faced," livid and dumbstruck.  Youtube was shut down immediately, barely a week after the closure of Twitter and Facebook, turning the country into a nationwide prison for its citizens.

Still wondering if Turkey intended to go it alone, or was it a maneuver for NATO intervention of Syria via itself?  Even if the ruse was for Turkey to act alone with assistance, what's undebatable is that the ploy itself involved all of Turkey's allies just as much as Turkey alone.


  1. Peace sister Zeynab,

    The problem is that while Erdogan and his party are indefensibly immoral and western stooges, all the other political parties are even more corrupt, more pro-Israel and pro-Western than the AKP. A lot of people seem to think that everything will be fine when the AKP is gone, but sadly that won't be the case, on the contrary really. It's such a dilemma, I don't support any political parties, but if someone held a gun on my head I would still vote for the AKP. Because I know very well what the other parties stand for; their unrivaled incompetence and abysmal track record; their incredibly pro-Western and pro-Israeli attitudes and so on. Sadly, they are even worse than the AKP.

  2. Salaam, peace brother Ozcan. I get your point. I think the only difference between AKP and its opposition (or oppositions) concerning their support for Israel is that the former is more discreet while the latter is more blatant. Erdogan's government also definitely has a soft corner for Israel that threatens a cordial atmosphere within the pan-Islamic state. After all AK Party's entire anti-Syrian policy with such ghastly manipulation has no grand principle. On the contrary, it's like a gift on a silver platter for Israel. Could it be that the AKP isn't aware of it and its long-term benefits for the Zionist state? I doubt it.

    While the government and opposition might both be just as autocratic and corrupt money-wise, AKP's weird obsession with the Ottomans is another serious problem. It's always good to think of one's past glory with rational efforts for reviving it within one's own boundaries. But Erdogan is going dangerously berserk over it in a very negative manner. According to various reports on the leaked false-flag, one of the prime reasons why he is so interested in ravaging Syria and especially taking over Kassab is to claim and secure the grave of Suleiman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire. I admire the early Ottomans. But such notions by a present ruler centuries later can only help to wrought destruction in the region and boost Zionist hegemony.

    Furthermore, it's about time in Syria for humanitarian crisis to take center-stage. Human suffering has risen to unthinkable, unprecedented levels in which Turkey has been playing a pivotal role, unfortunately. It no longer feels significant who wins or loses. Disregarding the insensitivity of political idealogues, all that's important now is an end to the acute suffering ravaging the lives of the innocents. Those children, women and the elderly tragically slaughtered in the numerous war zones within Syria won't return. But a semblance of normalcy is desperately needed to return into the lives of the devastated survivors so at the very least they can grieve in peace. Amidst this murderous pandemonium, most of it pouring into Syria across the Turkish border, the Syrian survivors can only harbor the excruciating pain bottled up within themselves without even a chance to mourn with enough calm and serenity grieving requires.

  3. AsSalam Alaykum Sister Zeynab :) The Glorious Qur'an has already cautioned believers against the false flag conspiracies of this kind.

    "O ye who believe! When ye conspire together, conspire not together for crime and wrongdoing and disobedience toward the messenger, but conspire together for righteousness and piety, and keep your duty toward Allah, unto whom ye will be gathered. Lo! Conspiracy is only of the devil, that he may vex those who believe; but he can harm them not at all unless by Allah's leave. In Allah let believers put their trust." (58:9-10).

  4. Walaikum Salaam dear Nissmi. Yes, I've also thought of these Verses many times concerning the present behavior of a lot of Muslim leaders. Complete heedlessness of every important Quranic instruction has become a passion of the pan-Islamic state. It's astounding how they can be so oblivious of the Hereafter which is much closer than they presume. Allah Almighty has confirmed that the duration between death and Resurrection will seem no more than a few hours or at most a day or two .. and death can come any day, any time. Yet, look at human arrogance!


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