Zionist crimes against Moroccan Jews

Why did Zionists want Arab Jews to settle in Israel?

Do take the time to read a very interesting revelation of hidden history by Dr. Elias Akleh, one of the best Middle-East analysts and researchers.  The Jewish minority of Morocco were an ancient community.  Prior to the illegal creation of Israel in 1948, there were 300,000 Jews in Morocco.  Morocco was known as the Muslim country with the largest Jewish population.  However, today less than 3,000 Jews remain in Morocco.  The lives of many of them were wrecked by the Zionist mafia as were the lives of Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

Bin-Nun is originally a Moroccan Jew, who immigrated with his family to Israel. In his historical research he states that the Mossad, the Israeli secret service, had sent to Morocco in early 1960s a group of its agents, whose primary mission was to carry out terrorist attacks against the well-settled Jews, to convince them that they were the victims of persecution by the kingdom, and to encourage them to immigrate to, and to settle in Israel promising them all expenses paid throughout the whole process.

For many centuries Morocco (Al-Maghrib) had large prosperous Jewish communities, known as Mizrahi Jews, who lived peacefully with their Moslem Arab neighbors. This peaceful coexistence encouraged Spanish Jews (Sephardim) to escape to Morocco during the Spanish Reconquista period when Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand recaptured Spain in the 13th century, and ordered the Jews to either convert to Christianity or leave the country. After 781 years of flourishing existence under the Islamic Caliphate rule, many Spanish Jews escaped Christian persecution to the more welcoming Islamic Morocco.

Jews of Morocco enjoyed greater equality with Muslims. Many of them gained important positions in the government administration as officials and in courts of law as judges. The Jews had their own quarters in the main cities, where they had their own schools, their own synagogues, and even their own courts and judges. They comprised a large section of the middle class, who played large roles in the economy, trade, industry and educational system of the kingdom.

All this was changed with the invention of the Israeli state, especially after Zionist leaders had sent their agents to encourage and to bribe Moroccan Jews, among many other Arab Jews, to immigrate to occupied Palestine. Considering themselves Moroccan citizens of the Jewish faith, the Jews initially rejected Zionism. Yet some young Jews were seduced into enlisting into the Mossad. They were smuggled into Israel to receive military and terrorist training. They were sent back to Morocco to perpetrate terrorist attacks against both Jews and Arabs and to distribute hate inciting leaflets in order to incite conflict between the two groups.

Mossad had chartered an old worn-out Spanish ship to smuggle Moroccan Jews to Israel. After 13 successful journeys to Israel the ship was made to sink in its 14th journey with its load of 44 Jews and the entire Spanish crew. The Mossad made sure that the ship would sail into so unfriendly sea that the it would undoubtedly sink in the middle of its journey.  Israeli Foreign Minister, then Golda Meir, stated that Israel needs to take a drastic action that would shock Moroccan Jews into immigration even if it would cost the lives of many other Jews.

The Zionist controlled western media exploited the tragedy to incite world opinion against Moroccan King Hassan II. Mossad agents distributed leaflets encouraging the Jews to immigrate to the “Promised Land” and promising them all kinds of financial help. Zionist leaders had also bribed King Hassan II, who lifted all restrictions against Jewish immigration to Israel on the condition of dropping their Moroccan citizenship. About 160 thousand Moroccan Jews left the country; the very rich preferred to go to France on their own expense, while the majority poor were transferred to Israel.

Many other Moroccan Jewish historians had written about the Mossad’s terrorist crimes against Moroccan Jews to cause such mass immigration.

One may ask, here, the logical question of why would Zionists terrorize Arab Jews when Zionists’ main objective is to unite Jews in Israel.  David Hirst, a former Middle East correspondent for the Guardian, explains The reason for their indifference was that, historically, they, unlike persecuted European Jews, did not suffer persecution and discrimination in the Arab countries. Although some prejudice existed the Arab Jews lived, on the whole, comfortable life and had deep roots in the land. They enjoyed equal privileges and many of them gained high governmental positions. They enjoyed a sense of security and belonging they would not abandon for ambiguous militaristic life in Israel surrounded by many hostile Arab countries.

Zionist crimes against Arab Jews, in particular, is an open secret very well known to Arabs as well as to Arab Jews. Zionist terror against Moroccan Jews is just one example of other terrorist attacks against well-established and peacefully coexisting Arab Jewish communities in all Arab countries; including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, in order to persuade them to immigrate to Israel. 

The case of transferring over 100 thousand Iraqi Jews from Iraq is the most well-documented open secret plotted together by the newly formed Israeli government under Ben-Gurion and Nuri as-Said; the British puppet ruler of Iraq in late 1950s. Mossad agents testified to having planted bombs within the Jewish community in order to spread hatred and fear to provoke Jewish flight from Iraq.

On arriving to Israel the Arab Jews discovered the ugly realities of this misleading “Promised Land”. They have been humiliated, discriminated against, abused, neglected and enslaved. The main reason for such treatment is that Zionism is a colonial movement invented by European Jews (Ashkenazi Jews) for the benefits of the elite European Jews. After the establishment of the illegitimate Israeli state and the evacuation of Palestinians from the country, Israel needed more immigrants, specifically farmers, to cultivate the newly evacuated Palestinian farms to provide food for the country. Israel also needed young immigrants who could be conscripted in the military in order to accomplish its expanding dream. Ashkenazi Jews were more industrial than farmers and more political than soldiers. Arab Jews were the solution.

On their arrival to Israel, Moroccan Mizrahi Jews underwent many humiliating experiences; one of them is being sprayed with DDT.    ..... Tens of thousands of Jewish children, mostly from North African countries, received high doses of radiation resulting in the deaths of 6,000 of them, and the long-term effects that included seizures, infertility and cancer. The Mizrahi Jews then were usually placed into what is called Ma’abarot (transit camps) for months or years before being settled in evacuated Palestinian farm villages, or on the desolate borders with hostile Arab countries. They were allowed to start agricultural centers known as Moshavim. Their children were denied higher education, banned from official jobs, and were conscripted into the army. Comparatively, Ashkenazi Jews were settled in main cities, in new fully equipped homes, enjoyed higher education, and employed in important governmental positions. Mizrahi Jews were considered the uneducated cheap labor. They were discriminated against and looked down upon by Ashkenazi Jews as well as by the Israeli government. Israel had what was known as “Department of Jews from Islamic Countries”. This is a way of differentiating them from Ashkenazi Jews.  Mizrahi Jews fought for better living conditions, human rights, and equality through protest movement and organizations. 

Zionism is the latest brainchild of the elite rich western Jews to accomplish their thousands years old dream of building Greater Israel in the center of globe to control the whole world.  The regular every day Jew, as a human being, does not have any worth for Zionism besides being a tool.

Zionism had uprooted two people from their homelands: Palestinians out of Palestine and Arab Jews out of Arab world.

Ella Habiba Shohat, an Arab Iraqi Jew wrote “In Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia, Jews became members of legislatures, of municipal councils, of the judiciary, and even occupied high economic positions … immigration to Israel had affected our uprootedness or ambiguous positioning within Israel itself, where we have been systematically discriminated against by institutions that deployed their energies and material to the consistent advantage of European Jews and to the consistent disadvantage of Oriental Jews.

A Moroccan Jew, who was a member of the Israeli Black Panther describes the Israeli discrimination against Arab Jews compared to European Jews. He finally asserts “I was born Moroccan and will die Moroccan.” Describing his 10 days visit to Morocco he explains: “10 days in Morocco were better than 62 years in Israel.” Finally he sums the Zionist/Arab conflict: “The Zionists will not bring peace … the essence of Zionism is occupation.”  (Youtube video in the link).

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