According to Amnesty International "2013 was a big year for executions"

Second to China, largest number of executions were in Iran.Amnesty said that Iran carried out 369 officially acknowledged executions, but that the real figure might well have exceeded 700. "Credible sources pointed to many hundreds more taking place in secret," the report said.  Latest reports on Yahoo dated April 4, 2014 have disclosed that since president Hassan Rouhani took office last August of 2013, at least 537 people have been executed in the past 8 months from August 2013 to April 2014.

Compared to that, there were 169 executions in Iraq (an increase of one-third over 2012) mostly convicted by summary courts.

In Saudi Arabia there were 79 executions in 2013 and that for the first time in three years, three juvenile offenders were among those executed.

The United States, the only country to practice the death penalty in the Americas, executed 39 people in 2013, only four less than 2012.

Method of executions included beheading, electrocution, firing squad, hanging and lethal injections.  Public executions were held in Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.  Beheading is common in Saudi Arabia, hanging in Iran, lethal injection in the U.S. and firing squad in Somalia.

The data doesn’t include thousands of people put to death in China. Chinese authorities treat official execution statistics as a state secret.  Amnesty International estimates thousands are killed under the death penalty every year, more than the rest of the world combined.

It's much the same in India.  Figures of death sentences carried out in India cannot be confirmed for similar reasons as in China.  India too has a reputation of carrying out frequent secret executions that are never reported.  The differences between the official figures and the actual total number of executions are often considered to be huge.

Total executions in 2012 were 682 compared to 778 in 2013, up by 15%.

In Pakistan, UAE and Gambia no executions were carried out in 2013.

The report did not confirm execution figures in war-torn Syria and Egypt facing similar insurgency by radicals.


Amnesty report:

Yahoo report on Iran:


Add another noose somewhere in between for India that's missing.