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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


On April 14, 2014, Iran got its first bundle of frozen assets of US$ 4.2 billion - the first tranche ensuing from the Geneva Agreement November 2014 of $ 20 billion in sanctions relief. Tomorrow, April 23, Hassan Rouhani is expected to officially release the price hikes for essential consumer goods. Three days ago, on Saturday, April 19, Sahebeh Arabi (Rouhani's wife) threw an extravagant party marking a double celebration - Women's Day and birthday of Fatima Zahra - amidst the glitz and exuberance of Reza Shah's plush palace in Tehran .. of course at the taxpayers' cost who are supposedly writhing in pain from the back-breaking inflation. At least 11 parliamentarians expressed their dismay asking "Can one preach austerity and financial sacrifice and yet throw a lavish party on the public coffers?" However, Rouhani's government scoffed at the critics with the sole excuse that all women were wearing black chadors and hijabs.

One can only hope that the black chador as a panacea for all ills goes no further; otherwise by the time the total 20 billion lollipops are unfrozen, there will be too much light in the Shah's palace but very little in the homes of the Iranian people.

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