Burma Task Force Newsletter: Attacking relief workers in Burma and the unfair upcoming census.

Quoting the recent newsletter from Burma Task Force, USA.  Please read & share.


Burma is doing a survey and they don’t want to count Rohingya Muslims.

Buddhist mob attacked international NGO and UN  offices in Sittwe, protesting against the term “Rohingya” being allowed  as an ethnic category in the census. The United Nations Population Fund  has condemned it.

Burma’s national government should postpone the planned nationwide census  to prevent growing communal violence and attacks on the aid community,  Human Rights Watch said.  At greatest risk are the vulnerable Muslim  communities and aid workers from international organizations.

Representative  Ed Royce, the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, voiced  alarm at violence against Rohingya, as well as Myanmar’s restrictions  on medical aid group, Doctors Without Borders.

“Sadly,  this is what happens when a government refuses to recognize its own  people,” Royce said at a hearing. “The government of Burma cannot claim  progress toward meeting its reform goals if it does not improve the  treatment of Rohingya Muslims and other minority groups,” he said.

Three decades of such policies have produced  appalling life conditions for the Rohingya. For example the  doctor-patient ratio is 1:83,000 for Rohingya Muslims while for the  Buddhist-majority Sittwe Township, Rakhine State, there is one physician  for every 681 persons.

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