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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Events of Yarmouk Palestinian Camp and its far-reaching consequences

Suddenly there has been a lull in whatever is happening in and around Yarmouk. But no news isn't good news this time. A lot is still going on. The siege and battle of Yarmouk spells permanent disaster for the entire Palestinian refugee population of Syria regardless of how much longer the war persists.

Palestinian refugee community has been warmly welcomed in Syria where it found safety, sympathy and solidarity with the Syrian people ever since they began fleeing their occupied land in 1948. More than three generations of Palestinians grew up and integrated with the Syrian society socially and economically as "a subset of the cultural and intellectual fabric of a vibrant and proud Syrian society" as Lamb puts it. But three years of war and particularly the events at Yarmouk have damaged the Syrian/Palestinian solidarity beyond repair.

The first image below shows Franklin Lamb, an American academic and one of the best authors (if not the best) of Middle-Eastern affairs, at Yarmouk Camp with a Syrian Army officer. At present almost three-fourth of Yarmouk is surrounded by the Syrian Army. The second image is of the premises of Yarmouk Camp.

To know the facts firsthand, find some time to read Lamb's latest report with accurate details on the present situation at Yarmouk you won't find elsewhere.

"The Death of Yarmouk Palestinian Camp" by Franklin Lamb  


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