Hamas, Fatah pairing up again only to be headed for a second 'divorce'

Recently Hamas and Fatah decided to shake hands and establish a provisional government asserting unity.  With both sides being seasoned crooks and self-servers, it's no great event to rejoice.  Yet, Israel and U.S. expressed their displeasure with frowns and threats not to negotiate with the Palestinian government.  To soothe his masters, Abbas hurriedly stated Holocaust as the "single greatest tragedy in modern-day history" during the visit of an American rabbi in Ramallah.  It's the second unity government Hamas and Fatah are attempting to establish. The first one was in 2007 which flattened out in no time like a house of cards.

Looks like PLO's arrogance is growing alongside its corruption and treachery.  Recently, Stuart Littlewood, one of the most sympathetic observers of the Palestinian issue, requested Hanan Ashrawi for an interview; she's a member of the PLO executive committee.  Ashrawi didn't even have the etiquette to respond to his request, not even an acknowledgement.

Why is the PLO reluctant to take its case to the ICC and instead still counting on the dishonest brokerage of US and Israel?  How come Israel continues to plunder Palestine's oil/gas/water reserves and nothing has yet been done nor decided to stop that?  Abbas has overstayed his term by 6 years and still no talk of his stepping down.  Why?  If or when he does, his most likely replacement, Mohammed Dahlan, is no different than a mobster. Why not someone with more integrity who can stand up against the enemy? Will there ever be a replacement for the corrupt PLO itself which is hated by the Palestinian people?  Obviously Hanan Ashrawi had no answers to any of these queries and she decided the best response would be to silently hide herself in shame.

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