Jewish Passover festival and crackdown on Palestinian bakeries

Jerusalem council member, Arieh King, initiated a municipality raid on stalls in occupied East Jerusalem selling baked breads. Some embarrassed Jewish sources in Jerusalem claim it was done because the stalls "were unlicensed," but the councilor himself reportedly stated that he did this to fulfill his promise to his voters to Judaize Jerusalem.

Passover 2014 is from April 14 and 22.  Consequently all Palestinian bakeries in East Jerusalem are being vandalized and loaves of bread, buns, bagels etc. confiscated by the municipality under the orders of the city councilor.

According to traditional Passover customs, orthodox Jews do not eat any food containing yeast during this occasion. Leavened bread is a taboo for Jews while observing Passover.  The rules are so insanely stringent that any other food that may have come into contact with bread is also discarded.  Before Passover, all leftover breads from orthodox Jewish households are given away or sold to non-Jews, and are usually purchased back after Passover.

As a substitute for bread, they eat "matzo" at the time of this festival.  Matzo is unleavened bread made without yeast in the form of large square-shaped corrugated crackers.

Passover (derived from the Hebrew word Pesach) is the name given to the Jewish festival which commemorates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt.  It's observed for a whole week in Israel.  What the Zionist state does not disclose is that exodus does not represent the European Ashkenazi Jews who are currently occupying Palestine. Exodus involves the indigenous Jews who lived in Egypt, who never left the Arab world after the exodus and their descendents never sprawled all over Europe by the mid 1900s.  The Ashkenazi Jews who stole Palestine in 1940s were the descendents of the Khazars .. Khazaria being the ancient name for modern-day Ukraine, next door to Europe.