Killing of Muslim Rohingya infants and pregnant women

It was learned several months ago that  Buddhist doctors & nurses in hospitals and clinics in the  south-western town of Sittwe, Burma, were killing new born Rohingya  Muslim babies as instructed by terrorist chief, monk Wirathu, which he  saw as another method of rapidly decreasing  Muslim population in Burma.  It's no longer safe for pregnant Rohingya  Muslim women to go to hospitals in that country. Several have died after forcibly being  given lethal injections in hospitals.    For the  tragic story of one such woman out of several more, read this story and  please share.



Yet another #Rohingya pregnant woman was killed by Rakhine racist nurses and doctors. As no  one questioned those ruthless murderers, they are killing one after one  Rohingya woman in Hospitals of Arakan, to decrease the population of  Rohingya Muslims. Hasina Begum (28) was two months pregnant and a mother  of one. She was admitted in Sittwe  general hospital for treatment of some abdominal disease. One day before  her death her husband was informed that she had improved a lot and soon  will go to home in one of the IDP camps. Instead, next day her husband  received a call from the hospital that his wife is dead and no reason  was told. According to Hasina's sister who was staying with her as a  caretaker, Hasina was given some kind of green injection even after  refusal from the caretaker. Soon after that Hasina started struggling  and died.

Later nurses abused the caretaker and beat her by saying,  "Do you still want to claim yourself as Rohingya? Do you still think  Rohingya exists in Arakan? Next time go to Rohingya hospitals, here no  one will ever hear you".

 The problem is, all INGOs were kicked  out of Arakan before two weeks by the extremist Rakhine Buddhists and  969 mobs where Burmese government kept watching as the fatal violence  unfold against Rohingya. Burmese governemnt started buying time from the  International Human rights organizations and they vowed to bring back the  INGOs and protect them by any means and That seems like just another  gameplay of Burma to silent the world.


Source:  Rohingya Community Facebook