Kidnapping a disabled man and throwing away his wheelchair on the street

This happened four days ago on May 22 in Hebron, occupied Palestine.  Kamal Khairy Abdeen is paralyzed waist down since 1994.  He was shot in the spine by the Jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein, when the terrorist attacked the Ibrahimi Masjid in Hebron on February 1994, killing 29  Palestinian worshipers and seriously injuring at least 125. 

On May 22,  Kamal Khairy Abdeen was kidnapped for no rhyme or reason, this time by  another group of terrorists, the undercover Israeli forces. They knew  that Abdeen cannot move without his wheelchair, yet they forced him into  their jeep and tossed away his wheelchair on the road. 

Israeli Army Kidnaps A Disabled Palestinian, Throw His Wheelchair

Those who do not know about the massacre of February 1994 at the  Ibrahimi Masjid by bigoted madman, Goldstein, check the details in my blog entry at blogspot, December 2013.  Instead of apologizing and compensating the bereaved  Palestinian families, the Zionist government used this massacre as an  excuse to promote apartheid and occupy major parts of Hebron including  the most important street of the city, Shuhada Street.   Since the last twenty years, Palestinians are barred from entering Shuhada Street.  It's only open for Jews, despite numerous protests by Palestinians and numerous international activists for two decades.

About Shuhada Street, Hebron

These are photos of Kamal Khairy Abdeen, first shot and paralyzed by a Zionist terrorist and then kidnapped by Israeli forces.  Please keep him in your prayers that the terrorists don't hurt him again.  May God Almighty grant courage to the members of Abdeen's family.