Nakba Day (Day of the Catastrophe) - May 15, 2014; sixty-sixth anniversary from May 15, 1948.

Tomorrow,  May 15th, Palestinians and justice lovers around the world will be  marking the 66th anniversary of Nakba Day (the Day of the  Catastrophe).  It's the day when the illegal state of Israel was officially declared an  independent country on stolen land in 1948.  It is the day of displacement, a day when at least  700,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled their indigenous land and  hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed and  depopulated after the Zionist mafia - Stern Gang, Hagana and Irgun -  went on a murderous rampage across Palestine.  These refugees number  several millions today scattered all over the world.  They are not  allowed to return home.  Talking of "diaspora" it must refer to the  Palestinians as 60% of them are living outside Palestine, barred from  entering their ancestral homeland.  Those Palestinians who are in their  country are stateless within their own land, abused and enslaved by  their occupiers on a daily basis.  Arab citizens of Israel have been  admonished for observing the Nakba Day. 

For  Palestinians and the world, Nakba is not only remembering the past.   It's striving to change the present as well for Nakba is still happening and getting more severe by the day.

Learn more of the Nakba through images:

May 15, 1948.

May 15 1948 - Palestinian survivors fleeing their homes.

Warsaw Ghetto?  Nazi Concentration camp?  No.  These are the young  Palestinian victims of Zionist Jews in a refugee camp after being forced  from their ancestral homes, villages, and lands.


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  1. We must return to Koran, to unite against the oppressors.


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