Syria: A city of 3 million deprived of drinking water as a strategy of war, and the silence of the world

Water supply has been cut off in Aleppo, Syria's largest northern city,  with a population of 3 million since early May 2014 reportedly by  U.S. allies in the Syrian war, the Al-Nusra terrorists.   Jabhat al-Nusra is a franchise of Al-Qaeda.

How utterly shameful!  Of course, that's an understatement.

Let me quote (English) on this one:  "Hear the cries of Aleppo dying?  No??  Where is the outcry to save these  people? All of the notorious empire-serving human rights organizations  and the corporate media are silent, deliberately ignoring the plight of  the people in Aleppo, Syria. The FUKUS axis (France, UK and US) is perpetrating a human  disaster by arming and supporting terrorists within Syria who have cut  off water and electricity to the people of Aleppo. Under the 1949 Geneva Convention, collective punishment is a war crime.  Article 33 of the Fourth Convention states: 'No protected person may be  punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed.'  .. The main source of drinking water in  Aleppo, the Suleiman al-Halabi station, has been cut off for the whole  city by FUKUS axis sponsored terrorists for over 10 consecutive days,  sending water to Quiq River and wasting it to prevent citizens from  having clean water."

That expression "notorious empire-serving human rights organizations" made me say "spot on" louder than ever!  The words "humanitarian" or "human rights activist" have turned into an ugly joke.  Most of them are actually the most self-seeking, narcissistic bluffers and pets of the New World Order that hang around the mainstream media to distract the naive public via glitzy entertainment news.  That explains their perpetual and conspicuous absence from genuine disaster zones, and why they never show up where they should.

Water is the most special gift from Allah Almighty to humanity and to  every other species living in this planet.  Life comes to a grinding  halt without water.  At the same time, drinking water needs to be clean  otherwise it can cause serious illnesses. With summer approaching, the  children and the elderly in Aleppo are particularly reported to be  desperate without water.  The 3 million Aleppo residents are being  compelled to drink filthy water from roadsides or they simply die of  thirst.

As usual, the terrorists are blaming the government claiming that the  main water supply line was seriously damaged during an air raid across  Aleppo.  The government has vehemently refuted this allegation.  The  Syrian Foreign Ministry stated the UN Security Council's  President that terrorists  have been "punishing three million persons because they renounced the  crimes committed by the terrorists, adding that this act is yet another  crime committed by the terrorist groups against the city's civilians."

Aleppo's governor Mohammed Wahid Akkad told the state-run Sana news  agency that water supplies to the neighborhoods of Midan, Suleimaniyeh  and Aziziyeh were cut off and that repair work is under way.  Videos  posted online by the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) showed water  gushing  through one of Midan's streets that look like a small river. 

Quoting a Russian citizen:  "The same dirty tactics being used by US backed terrorists in Kiev who  are blocking water to Crimea. This is not surprising since the  terrorists in Syria and Kiev are taking their orders from the same  master, CIA/US."

Aleppo is one of those Syrian cities in the north that has been under  siege for many months.  First the terrorists cut off essential  communication routes to hinder the transportation of food,   essential household commodities and medicines.  Early May 2014, they cut  off electricity and water supply as well. 

The world yelled loud and clear at the kidnapping of 300 school girls by  Boko Haram terror group in Nigeria, and the world was justified to  raise its voice.  But its deafening silence is astounding at the hostage  taking of 3 million Aleppo residents by Al-Nusra terrorists without  water, electricity and very little food.   The comparison of global  reactions tells us that those outraged by the action of Boko Haram  aren't humanitarians.  They are hypocrites and no less disgusting than Boko Haram itself.

With lack of a viable alternative to Assad and disregarding the will of the majority of Syrians who support him, the US has only helped to  strengthen radical Salafist groups in Syria.  A country known as one of  the most serene and neat spots in this planet, is now infested with filth and chaos. 

Along side the unprecedented miseries of the 3-year-old preemptive war,  Aleppo is now facing another harrowing scourge as a  result of the war - fleshing eating disease.  The parasitic skin  disease that causes disfiguring sores in the face and body is sweeping  across the war torn city of Aleppo.   This disease needs to be treated  with high doses of intravenous antibiotics.  Early treatment is vital as  well as critical.  Often the patient needs to be admitted in the  intensive care unit.  In many cases surgery is required to remove  infected fluid and tissues.  Such medical care isn't difficult in times  of peace, but it could be a very different story in a rubble-filled war  zone.

The  prolonged destructive war that's showing no signs of tapering has  broken down Syria's healthcare structure and its entire network by  destroying most of the country's hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical industries.   Similarly,  Syria's impeccable welfare system is in  disarray with large portions of the country having no electricity and no garbage  collection by the municipalities.  Hence, what else can one expect but a  complete public health nightmare with painful and infectious diseases  in epidemic proportions?   Breakouts of  gastroenteritis caused by contaminated food resulting in diarrhea, vomiting and  dehydration are rife.  Measles, that was non-existent in Syria with  of the country's meticulous vaccination program, has spread across  Aleppo and almost all Syrian cities and villages in the thousands since  2011.  Water borne illnesses like jaundice, typhoid and cholera, unknown  in Syria until 3 years in the past, are now daily occurrences.  Considering  the present situation in the northern city of Aleppo where people are  collecting drinking water from muddy puddles along roadsides and no  facilities for purification of water,  water borne diseases are bound to  skyrocket in the following months.

According  to some U.S. sources, flesh eating disease in Syria has been common in  Aleppo since many, many years and is also called "Aleppo evil."  Never heard of such nonsense  prior to the US proxy war.   They have also cited its source to be sand  flies which too was never talked about before the war.   According to standard medical information, majority  of infections causing the flesh eating disease are by organisms that normally reside on the  individual's skin.  Other common sources of flesh eating disease stated  by medical professionals include eating undercooked contaminated meat, working at municipal waste-water plants, exposure to secondary waste-water spray irrigation, consumption of contaminated raw farm products fertilized by human sewage viscous mixture or contracted from hospitals.    To make a long story short, Syria was a very safe and disease-free country.   The  American proxy war along with its terrorist allies has wrecked it in  just about every way imaginable.

It's pathetic how some U.S. health experts are trying to distort the  truth so not to blame the U.S. backed war by claiming such skin diseases were never  uncommon in the Middle-East particularly in northern Syria and the  emergence of war has only enabled it to resurface.   Syria was never a hub of any skin diseases ever in the past.   It's the preemptive war that has devastated the entire infrastructure of  the country, breaking down all civic amenities  and a complete  disruption of Syria's sound healthcare system.  Let such a war  prevail anywhere else in the world including the U.S. and Europe for  just one year and the entire community will be in shambles.  Syria has withstood a  lot, and has put up a great defense, particularly considering her  isolation and limited resources.