Syria: The conflict that won't end because the U.S. won't stop helping the terrorists

A new terrorist group that has emerged in Syria, Harkat Hazm, firing American-made antitank missiles at the Syrian Arab Army.

There are now more than a dozen groups of terrorists fighting within Syria to topple its legitimate government.  More than 80% of terrorist rebels within Syria are foreign infiltrators backed by FUKUS  (France, UK and the US).  Today is the 1,157th day of the Syrian war and until now FUKUS has spent billions of dollars on training, arming and the monthly salaries of mercenaries to fight its proxy war in Syria.  The terrorists are cajoling FUKUS to provide them with surface-to-air missiles or manpads to shoot down Syrian air force planes.  Reportedly, the White House is likely thinking seriously of sending manpads to these dangerous marauders despite realizing the risks that such sophisticated weapons in the hands of hardened terrorists could easily backfire and be used for targeting U.S. and its allies at some point in future.

FUKUS is eager to topple President Assad only because he isn't a puppet, he prefers thinking independently and he doesn't accept Zionist hegemony in the region nor its brutally bullying tactics.  For the infiltrating terrorists (presently allies of FUKUS), it's a sectarian war goaded by firebrand Salafist fatwas who do not mind serving imperialists as puppets, as long as they promote sectarianism in the pan-Islamic state.  Needless to say, such a divisive approach within the Muslim world suits the imperialists fine.