Audacious and cheeky parasites: Pinching $11 million from taxpayers' money and calling it a "gift."

Poor Willy.   He tours the world with his family for free, gets entertained for free, he and his wife get millions of dollars in  allowances  for vacationing, socializing, grooming and probably even for expelling flatus.   Life must be so hard for them with all those servants, valets and  nannies at their service doing all their work.  Who deserves a  $11 million "birthday gift" more than Lizzie's poor grandson?

Prince William gets $11M helicopter from Queen on his birthday

Other reports have stated $13 million .......

Prince William Receives a Helicopter From Queen Elizabeth for His 32nd Birthday—and it Costs $13.6 Million!

It's amazing how the media manoeuvres its strategy to win sympathy / admiration for this bunch of Bronze Age nincompoops of the British monarchy.  Less than four years ago it was widely trumpeted that Elizabeth Windsor  pleaded poverty and asked the government to pay for gas & electricity bills of Buckingham Palace from funds reserved for families living below poverty line.  And now she squanders $11 million on a "birthday gift."  

By the way, when she requested the government to meet this cost, she was already receiving a grant of  £15 million from the government for energy bills.

The Queen pleads poverty for help to pay Buckingham Palace heating bill

What a pack of suckers this family has made out of the British public!   Making celebrities out of descendents of medieval pirates and marauders who made a grand living by usurping from the defenseless.  That mentality in the 21st century hasn't changed a jot.

If this lamebrain so-called prince has an ounce of shame, he should donate this "gift" for the cause of those millions of Brits who cannot afford the basic necessities of life.  At least 33% in Britain are currently living below poverty line.