How about this?

Excerpt from the recent article by Brandon Martinez ..

"Remarking on the latest ISIS (Islamic  State of Iraq and Syria) incursions into Iraq, Netanyahu expressed the  desire of his regime to promote internal strife in Israel’s neighbouring  states. “We must weaken both [Sunni and Shia Muslims],” Netanyahu said,  implying that it is in Israel’s interests to have Muslims fighting and  squabbling amongst themselves."

ISIS insurrection serves Israel’s interests

Earnest request to both Shiia and Sunni Muslims:

For the sake of God Almighty, stop your sectarian strifes!  It only weakens the  pan-Islamic state and strengthens its enemies to divide and conquer.

Muslims are simply  "Muslims" - NO shiias, NO sunnis.  These are later time negative  interpolations with thoroughly negative consequences.  Abandon this nonsense, and return to the Glorious Quran.   Better late than never.