Iraq, the new pretext for jumping on to Syria

I knew this was coming. 

Syria in the Crosshairs: Obama Confirms Airstrikes Will Not Be Limited to Iraq

So now, while the US government might claim it's targetting al-Qaeda in Syria, it will actually be a lot more interested fingering the Syrian Army.  What a trick to topple Bashar al-Assad.

Apparently Nouri al-Malki's days are numbered, not because majority of the Iraqi politicians, including Shiias, want him to quit (which they do), but because the United States has refused to "endorse" him. 

The question is, all Iraqi political factions being infested with crummy office-seekers like Malki; who the heck will replace him to save Iraq? 

Wrangling among the country's politicos could go on for months to reach a consensus on a new leader, as suggested by NY Times.  However the other problem is, ISIS and its factions around Mosul and Tikrit won't wait for months.  They're in a hurry to advance south.  By the time the Iraqi politicians unanimously decide on a new PM, it could be the end of the story not just for Malki but for all of them. While so much goes on in Iraq, the US will probably be busy bombing Syrian government installations with the cover story of chasing ISIS. 

What a disgusting cesspool !!

 The New York Times