It's reached Sri Lanka (via Burma Task Force).

Update on Muslims targeted by Buddhists.

Quoting Burma Task Force:

Assalamu alaikum
Burmese  extremists are now exporting their hate to another Buddhist country.   Just over the last couple of days the extremists in Sri Lanka have  destroyed a whole neighborhood of Muslims, killing and injuring about  100 Muslims, and destroying 3 mosques and dozens of businesses. Police  did not even show up, despite three days of appeals from  Muslims asking for protection.
Burmese  extremists must be stopped before they destroy Buddhist-Muslim  relationships in nine countries, where they have been living peacefully  together for centuries.

Watch this extremely crucial and timely New York Times video by  Nicholas Kristof. He is wrong about just one thing. He calls Rohingyas  originally from Bangladesh, which is incorrect. Rohingyas are the border  people of Burma, who are living in their ancestral land for ever.  It's titled 21ST CENTURY CONCENTRATION CAMPS. 

Video at Youtube:

21st Century Concentration Camps

It is slow-burning, but smart genocide. 
Rohingya  Muslims have just two choices: Either run in small broken cannoes to  any of the neighboring countries, or live to die in their ancestral  land, a slow death, without a doctor, with little food, where they are  not allowed to marry, have children, go to school, or have a job.

Burma Task Force is a united alliance of Muslims in America.  It's the only hope Muslims in Burma and other minority countries have. Allow us to strengthen Justice for All.



Burma  Task Force USA is a coalition of several Muslim organizations and  activists who have been working together to for years to stop genocides in countries like Bosnia and Kosovo.  Presently they are working tirelessly to stop the horrific genocide in Burma.  

Please help to spread their message.  Share this post.  The Rohingyas are getting slaughtered in the most merciless manner one can hardly imagine.  The only reason is the sheer intolerance of the Buddhist majority of Burma.  And now these mass murderers are trying to spread the culture of massacre outside their borders by instigating their Buddhist comrades in other countries to perpetrate similar bloodshed against the Muslim minorities of other Buddhist majority countries. 

Shame on Burma, shame on all Buddhist nations, shame on the master hypocrite Aung San Su Kyi.   Nicholas Kristof stats that she needs to "rediscover her courage."  She has nothing to rediscover.  She never had any courage to begin with.  She is nothing other than an outright dissembler and an unscrupulous politician filled with greed for power. 

Last but not least, shame on the Western leaders and bulk of the Western "human rights" activists who have unashamedly been ignoring this genocide for the last two years.  Silence on the face of murder and injustice amounts to COMPLICITY.  Period!


  1. I have been following the Rohingya tragedy regularly since 2 years and it's been systematically wrenching my heart. I can't believe this is happening and the world has been so silent for over 2 yrs. Not just silent, but many Westerners are saying the "Muslim deserve it." These same Westerners are supposed to belong to the "developed" world. The widespread culture of gross injustice has gone too far in this planet. This world now needs to end and face the ultimate - Divine Justice on the Day of Judgment.


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