Stonehenge is fake

Stonehenge is supposed to be a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, built approximately 3,000 BC by the Neolithic people. The site consists of a ring of standing stones.  Or it can be described as a circular ditch (of sorts), and the earth dug out has been dumped around it.  These stones are of different sizes, shapes and materials. Some are huge monolith slabs while others are smaller.  There is a lengthy list of different types of rocks used for building the monument - limestones, bluestones, sarsen stones, seaford chalk etc.   Archeologists are full of prehistoric stories on why it was built.  They say it was a pagan cremation burial site in 2,500 BC.  Others claim Stonehenge evolved during construction phases spread over a period of  2,000 years or more.  There are also stories of some postholes and stone sockets that were found, guessing that these could have existed since 8,000 BC. On some stone slabs, carvings such as dagger and axe are visible.  Archaeological excavation also claims that the builders abandoned timber for stone around 2,000 BC.  The site is a tourist attraction managed by the English Heritage.  Visitors gather around this spot to watch the summer solstice. 

So much fuss over a heavy pile of dirty looking rocks on a dismal field! Additionally and more importantly, Stonehenge is a suspicious monument with abounding questions concerning its authenticity.

David Icke Forum writes: "From 1901 to 1964, the majority of the stone circle was restored in a series of makeovers which have left it, in the words of one archaeologist, as 'a product of the 20th century heritage industry'. But the information is markedly absent from the guidebooks and info-phones used by tourists at the site." 

~  Gasp !!  ~

It's more or less an open secret that Stonehenge is more than  partially reconstructed.  Gradual process of its reconstruction has been going on since the 1700s.  There have been hush-hush reports of renovation works at Stonehenge in the 1950s.  In the 1960s, many of those stones now seen as massive monolith slabs of standing rocks were reconstructed. 

Throughout the first millennium, many smaller stones were pilfered or moved to be used for other purposes in different locations. 

The seemingly confident assertions of archeologists and historians in guidebooks and websites are in fact, inconclusive thoughts and ideas they arrived at after confused debates and indecisions.  There is no such thing as "original" Stonehenge.  Over the period of thousands of years until the mid 20th century, it has been tampered with, rearranged, removed and replaced.

Very few would like being told all of this.  Obviously no modernist wants to think they have been duped, and that the "great monument" they have been raving about is a ruse.  But that's a different matter.  Stonehenge is definitely and largely fake. The story tellers have been deftly silent about the controversial side of it otherwise tourists won't flock around "Stonehenge," the bulky mess may not be easy to clear and history would appear less sensational.