Turkey: Belated blacklisting of Al-Nusra. Another hoodwink?

After years of honeymooning with Al-Qaeda terrorists, pampering them as  'guests' and helping them to cross the border into Syria to kill, rape  and plunder, suddenly early June 2014 Ankara reportedly blacklisted Al-Nusra as a terror group and froze its assets.

However, Turkey's support for the fragmented opposition and its profound  hostility toward the Syrian government is still intact just as fiercely  as before.  
Makes it highly likely that this 'shift of policy' is another theatrical  performance on world stage.  If the Syrian opposition (FSA) couldn't win  in three years with the assistance of thousands of savages from  Al-Nusra and ISIL, could it win without them despite increased foreign  support?  Or is this supposed to be a prelude to NATO military intervention in Syria by ditching the failed Al-Nusra? 

Some observers surmise that Turkey began getting concerned about the rise of  extremism and silent international accusations of backing terrorists.   Really?  Concerned now, after more than three long years of being  partners-in-crime with this huge band of thugs?  Isn't that a bit too  little, too late?

The media is feeding readers with the humbug that negotiations between US and Turkey over this new strategy began during a "high profile meeting"  last year 2013.  Well, the US had put Al-Nusra on its terrorist list  back in 2012.  But no need to mention what a farce that was.  The US  government continued sending weapons to Syrian fighters despite being  aware that Al-Qaeda and FSA were closely coordinating.  Sen. McCain was  particularly unable to conceal his enthusiasm, going as far as illegally  crossing into Syria from Turkey, meeting them personally and decorating  them.

Though the two major al-Qaeda groups, Al-Nusra and ISIL, have been living and moving freely in  Turkey since the summer of 2011, Turkey's FM, Ahmed Davutoglu, now sinks into the depth of shamelessness by  denying that reality. 

In November 2013 Rajab Erdogan lied telling the world that  providing shelter to Al-Qaeda in Turkey was out of the question while  Al-Qaeda was already using Turkey as a safe haven and gateway for  entering Syria since mid 2011.

The rogue Sultan, Rajab Erdogan, blamed President Bashar al-Assad for the twin  bombings in the Turkish border town of Reyhanlı in May 2013 that killed 53  Turks, even though he was perfectly well aware all along and with tons of evidence that Al-Nusra was behind it.

There are approximately 700,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey.  Horrific  violations of human rights carried out by the two Al-Qaeda franchises,  Al-Nusra Front and  ISIL, along with smaller groups of so-called "jihadis" and FSA in rebel-held areas within Syria have been as glaring as broad daylight since three years murdering over 160,000 people and displacing many more; and  Turkey wakes up now?

The West is still playing that old tune loud and clear, to "increase assistance to the cash-strapped and fractured moderate Syrian opposition battling Assad."   But Al-Nusra is still very much present in Syria; rather comfortably  commuting and lolling between Turkey and Syria.  Who will take the  trouble and responsibility to kick out Al-Nusra and at least three or four other Al-Qaeda  franchises from Syria and Turkey so that "increase assistance" to "moderate" Syrian opposition isn't grabbed by Al-Qaeda as has been happening for years?

If  Rajab Erdogan thinks he can double-cross Al-Nusra so easily, he could  be in for some awful surprises after carelessly turning his  country into a hub of international terrorists.  It's a tough and dangerous situation for Turkey.  A mere "policy shift" after a "high profile meeting" could be far from enough.  The chances are that the Turks will have to learn their lesson the hard way and ultimately pay a heavy price for electing a bigoted idiot as their PM for three successive terms. 

And is the West still stupid enough to believe that there is really something such as 'moderate'  within any of the factions fighting against the Syrian government?   Though there have been plenty of infighting between FSA and the al-Qaeda  groups, yet there is another side to it as well.  Many FSA fighters  have  joined different Al-Qaeda franchises (mostly Al-Nusra) who have been touting a very different agenda for Syria than whatever the West has in mind.

Recently addressing the US Military Academy, President Obama stated "In helping those who fight for the right of all Syrians to choose their  own future, we also push back against the growing number of extremists  who find safe-haven in the chaos."  But why weren't these  extremists pushed back earlier during the past three  years?  And  why wasn't there any support for millions of Syrians within and outside  the country who did want to choose their own future as recently as June  3rd?

To cut a long story short, this looks like another one of those wily stunts, blowing smoke up the butt cheeks.