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Monday, June 30, 2014

When abuse becomes a pastime of sick minds

All about truth, like it or not ....

"Yehuda Shaul, a former Israeli soldier who served in the  West Bank and Gaza, tells how he and fellow soldiers secured a  television screen one night while out on patrol, to watch a World Cup  match. It was 2002 and Brazil were playing. “The  way we passed those night patrols was to bang on random houses, no  reason and we’d go in, wake everyone up, men in one room, women in  another, mess everything up, onto the next house.  “That  night we wanted to watch the match so we were looking for a house that  had a satellite dish. We found one, went in and locked the family in the  basement while we watched the match. Why wouldn’t we? That’s what we do  in the occupied territories." "

Complete story: "Israeli soldiers speak out on abuse of Palestinians in occupied territories"  by Kitty Holland.

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