Burma Genocide: How violence against Muslims began in Mandalay, Burma's second largest city, early July 2014

Mandalay has a population of approximately 200,000 Muslims.

There is a Buddhist blog named "Thit Htoo Lwin Blog" which has been  created for the specific purpose of writing false stories to instigate  Buddhist monks and mobsters, all of whom are radicalized to the core,  into carrying out fresh attacks against the Muslim minority of Burma in  different cities and villages.  The founder of this criminal blog is a  Buddhist extremist named Ko Di, a Buddhist U.S. resident. 

On June 30th 2014, Ko Di concocted a completely false story and posted  it on his blog for triggering hate crimes against Muslims in Mandalay.   According to Ko Di's calculated lie, the headline on his blog read: "Sun Teashop owners, two Muslim brothers, raped a Buddhist maid."  A  couple of days later, a mob of Buddhist fundamentalists began  collecting around the tea shop in Mandalay calling for attack.  The  ringleader of Buddhist terror monks, Wirathu, who heads the dreaded Buddhist 969 terror group, immediately posted this false news on his Facebook page to further trigger violence against Muslims in Mandalay.  By 11 p.m. of the same day, the mob of Buddhist extremists around the tea shop proliferated.  To fan racism, they began singing the country's national anthem which is a warning of a sectarian attack as has been seen in all other cities and towns of Burma where the defenseless minorities have been butchered by the Buddhist majority.  Soon after, a large number of Buddhist vandals arrived on motorbikes and destroyed the tea shop and various other Muslim businesses and properties by throwing stones and rocks.   A police force was present which stood and watched the destruction.

This was exactly the pattern of setup invented by Burmese authorities in June 2012 to initiate the genocide, according to which a group of Muslim men supposedly raped and killed a Buddhist woman.  Within days of this deceitful and fallacious story, slaughter of the entire Muslim minority of Burma began in the most gruesome and horrendous manner conceivable.  No one observed nor questioned why this story didn't contain any indicators or traces for an inquiry,  nor was there any follow-up news by the media.  The purpose of this lie  was to start a genocide against the minority and that was achieved.   The Burmese media never mentioned who those Muslim men were?  Where did the incident take place?  Who was that mystery woman?  Where is her family?  Why didn't her family ever  speak up?   No clues and no track for investigation as is typical of all erroneous and false flag stories intentionally constructed for a vicious and deadly purpose.

On July 3, BBC reported on the violence in Mandalay in downplayed tones "five people hurt."  The reality might have been very different, a lot worse.   Astounding as it sounds, BBC  still puts the total death toll of Muslims since June 2012 at 200.   It's mind boggling how this media doesn't feel the slightest of shame  over such gross misreporting.  The truth is that the death toll of Muslims in Burma since  June 2012 has surpassed the casualties of the Syrian war since March 2011.    In Syria total dead is 162,000 in three years.  In Burma total number of Muslims  killed is pushing close to 200,000 in two years!

It's also shocking why the U.S. law enforcers aren't arresting the criminal, Ko Di, who is a U.S. citizen residing in the United States and blatantly inciting violence through his blog with utterly false stories.

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