Gaza in images and the war criminals

'Ceasefire' to refuel Israel criminality  (Press TV).

In other words, the US wants Israel to continue its war crimes.
#GazaUnderAttack | Hamas: The White House wants Israel to continue its war crimes in Gaza

The Agence France Presse reports their names and ages as: Ismail Mahmoud Bakir, 9, Ahed Atef Bakir, 10, Zakariya Ahed Bakir, 10, and Mohammad Ramiz Bakir, 11. The four kids from the Bakir family were playing soccer on a Gaza beach. The news outlet Media 24 posted this photo purportedly showing the before and after of the attack:

Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach

"It’s good for the killer to give his victim a chance to run. Israel  is an expert at the game when it decides not to kill a Palestinian  family where they sleep. After midnight, the occupation would call and  demand that they leave the house. If they do not agree, Israel will be  gracious enough to send a few warning shells. After the warning shells  are fired, you have three minutes to leave the house with your family,  or else."
Israel’s "knock on the roof" policy: A three-minute race with death

Hamda Abdun, age 4 , lies in a bed in Al Shifa Hospital after having  been injured in an Israeli air strike, Gaza City, July 14, 2014.

A member of the al-Batsh family is taken from Al Shifa Hospital for his  funeral, Gaza City, July 13, 2014. An Israeli airstrike on the family  home of Tayseer Al-Batsh, Gaza’s police chief, killed 18 people the  previous day.

Palestinians inspect the destroyed house of the Eshtawi family in  Az-Zeitiun area, Gaza City, July 14, 2014. The attack left 27 people  homeless.

An Israeli mobile artillery piece sits near the Gaza border, July 13, 2014.

Members of the al-Batsh family are taken from Al Shifa Hosptial for their funeral, Gaza City, July 13, 2014.

A Palestinian girl from the Al-Tom family draws on a chalk board at  UNRWA’s Remal Elementary School in Gaza City, which is used as a  temporary shelter for Palestinians fleeing the northern Gaza Strip, July  13, 2014. People from northern Gaza left their homes after Israel  dropped leaflets warning them to evacuate. Thirty members of this family  are staying inside one classroom. From Salatin in north Gaza, they  arrived in the morning with no belongings, hoping to return promptly to  their home. The family was also displaced by Israeli attacks in 2008 and  2012.

The kitchen of a house destroyed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza City, July 14, 2014.

Majeed Al-Zeem, age 52, stands next to a hole from a missile launched by  a drone which caused his head injury, Gaza City, July 14, 2014. The  missile was launched by the Israeli military to warn the family of an  impending airstrike on the house next door, an example of the so-called  “knock-on-roof” tactic.

Hussam Shamdi sits on an missile, which did not explode, from an air  strike that destroyed his home the day before, in the Tel al-Hawa  neighborhood of Gaza City, July 14, 2014.

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PHOTOS: After eight days of attacks on Gaza

And watch the You tube video:  Israel accused of war crimes by UK Parliament.

Highlights from UK Parliament debate  in which MPs accused Israel of war crimes, disproportionate  violence, ruining peace negotiations by building illegal settlements,  running the worlds largest outdoor prison, collective punishment, and  attacking water supplies, hospitals, supply centers and all manner of  other civilian targets.