Growing intolerance toward Muslims around the world

By Brother Abdel Malik Mujahid

Sometimes it is difficult to believe the extremism of the times we are living in.

Just last week, an elected member of the Indian Parliament, Rajan Vichare, angrily force fed a Muslim worker, while he kept begging him not to, since he was fasting  during Ramadan. Ten other members of his party approvingly watched.  Nothing happened to these members of Parliament from the Shiv Sena  Party.  Shiv Sena is a key fascist ally of  the Hindu extremist government that currently governs India. Find out  more about the incident in this video.

Muslim  minorities are going through a horrific time today as Islamophobia  spreads globally. This results in persecution of Muslim communities in  Burma, Sri Lanka, Palestine, China, and the Central African Republic. It  also results in small, but disturbing incidents in many other nations.

On a larger scale, China has banned fasting for  Muslim employees and students. Five European countries have banned Halal  meat. In three Europeans countries, Muslim women cannot wear Hijab in  public places. In Switzerland you cannot build a Minaret.

In Burma, extremists, in partnership with the  government, have destroyed about 300 Masjids and don’t allow even Juma  Salat in Rohingya Muslim areas.

There used to be five million Muslims in Burma.  Today, only three million are left. Rohingya Muslims are indigenous  people who were living in their ancestral land peacefully. That was  until the racist regime started its divide and rule policies of  racial hatred.

As  many as 40% of all Muslims live as minorities around the world. That is  more than 700 million Muslims. Many are increasingly at the mercy of  majorities who are unfortunately influenced by negative news about  Muslims, along with Islamophobia in general.

Justice For All, a 19-year-old organization, was  founded in the aftermath of the Bosnia and Kosova tragedies. It works  to help such minority causes.

Alhamdulillah, Muslims are standing up in support of Palestine in an  unprecedented manner. May Allah give the Palestinians freedom from their  long occupation.

 But we need to do the same for those minorities  who are not in the news, and who receive far less concern and attention. 

This is how genocide in Burma is implemented:

While  Muslims feel pained by what is happening in Palestine and donate for  that legitimate cause, it is critical that we do not abandon the cause  of Burmese Muslims.

Saving lives, liberating people from  concentration camps, fi sabeelillah, all three categories of Zakat apply  to this extraordinary work, which Muslims in America have united to do. 

With Sabr and Tawakkul we can stop this genocide insha Allah.