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Monday, July 7, 2014

Israeli lynch-mob hunts Palestinians in Jerusalem

In this video shot and edited by Boycott from Within activist Ronnie Barkan,  a gang of young Israeli men can be seen stopping cars to determine whether the drivers were Arabs.  This occurred as Israelis gathered in Jerusalem on 5 July to chant “Death to the Arabs!” and “Death to leftists!” just days after Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and burned alive.  In Barkan’s video, members of the mob stop one taxi cab and ask the driver “Are you Jewish?” before letting him go. They tell another driver “You’re also a Jew, don’t worry.”  One of the youths shouts “Let’s go to Musrara,” an area on the edge of eastern occupied Jerusalem where they might be likely to find more Palestinians. “Give it to the Arabs, sons of bitches!” another shouts.  Israeli racists had used Facebook to call for similar rallies around the country.

 Israeli lynch mob hunts for Palestinians in Jerusalem

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Source:  Intifada Palestine

Just as the police in Burma are doing nothing to stop the genocide against the Muslim minority perpetrated by the Buddhist majority, similarly Israeli police is also doing nothing to protect the Palestinians on occupied land.

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