Muslims in Mandalay, Burma's second largest city, under attack by Buddhist terrorists

Reported by Burma Task Force:


Muslims  in Mandalay, central Burma, are under attack. Burma’s second-largest city has  been quiet for two years, but for the last two nights, its Muslims have  been terrorized throughout the night by Buddhist mobs lead by some  extremist monks. They have already destroyed several Muslim businesses  and a mosque.

The  chief administrator of Mandalay is a former head of military  intelligence who has well-known hostilities towards Muslims. He let the  Meiktila massacres take place in March 2013, although he was informed  about what was happening.

Burma Task Force has the following eyewitnesses reports from the city of Mandalay:

“Mob  gathering near Thiri market  and started singing Burmese National  Anthem ..."This is my country, this is land and we own this land"  implying that Muslims are foreigners. They used these songs when  attacking in Meiktila last year.”

“On 22nd street motor bike riders came - this is  the same kind of tactic used in attacks on other cities. No one is  stopping them. They are going around attacking.”

“Muslims are in constant fear …"

 “Some people are in the the Joon Masjid ...  blockading themselves and protecting the masjid. The police is outside,  but we know police and security forces are not to be trusted …”

This can escalate if we don’t take immediate action.

Experience  has shown us that the Burmese security forces are far more likely to  intervene in a case like this when your timely phone calls make the  Burmese government aware that the world is watching. We have done this  successfully in the past.

Call  the Burmese embassy and remind them that it is the responsibility of  the government to protect all citizens including Muslims (202) 332-3344.

Call the Secretary of State’s office and request that he also put pressure on Burma (202) 647-4000.


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