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Monday, July 21, 2014

Norman Finkelstein on what's coming next

He could be right.  Seems like strong possibility.

On Gaza: July 19, 2014.

(1) Netanyahu exploited the ceasefire  ultimatum (a trap laid by Blair, but of course with Obama’s connivance),  and the downing of the Malaysian airliner (which displaced Gaza from  the headlines), to launch the ground invasion.  However, it is only a  limited invasion because of the broad constraints still imposed on  Israel by international public opinion.  It gives Netanyahu enough time  and leeway to clobber Hamas and “mow the grass” in Gaza. 

(2)  But Netanyahu  can’t declare victory until the Hamas projectile attacks  cease, and without a full-scale invasion he can’t stop them.  Here’s  where Abbas comes in.  Abbas will negotiate an agreement with Egypt  whereby the PA will staff Rafah crossing, enabling Abbas to declare that  he won an end to the blockade.  The quid pro quo, however, is that he  will agree to prevent any arms smuggling into Gaza and to disarm Hamas.    Because

(a) Hamas’s key demand was to end the blockade,
(b) Hamas is isolated politically and neutered militarily, and
(c) Abbas is technically the head of the Unity government, Hamas will be forced to agree to these terms.  

If  things go according to plan, it will mark the end of Hamas as a  resistance movement, to the joy of the Arab states, the US, EU, Israel  and, of course, the PA.

Norman G. Finkelstein's Blog

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