Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank can expect the worst

The kidnapping and death of 3 Israeli teenagers has turned the world upside down.  It's a startling contrast from the sea of silence that prevailed for years until now during which countless number of Palestinian children and teenagers have been kidnapped, tortured and killed in Israeli prisons, thousands of Palestinian civilians have been killed by IDF and armed Jewish illegal settlers for nothing more than walking along streets and fields, thousands have been killed by Israeli airstrikes and numerous  homes & farmlands raised to the ground.  According to most conservative estimates, a minimal of 1,500 Palestinian children have so far been murdered by Israeli occupation forces and the illegal settlers.  But the kidnapping and killing of 3 Israeli teens hitchhiking between their illegal settlements in Hebron seems like the end of the world.

While the U.S. has half-heartedly called for restraint, Israel ignored it with widespread, lurid and ghastly calls for "revenge" and "bloodshed."  Although the Geneva Convention categorically states that no one under occupation to be "punished for an offense he or she had not personally committed," Israelis are demanding collective punishment of Palestinians as if this clause in the Geneva Convention doesn't exist.

Quoting some of the calls seeking revenge and vigilante retribution that cannot but shock any civilized human being:

" ... transfer the pain to the cruel enemy. Make Ramadan into a month of darkness for them! ... Death to the enemy, evacuation, and wiping off of [their] smile. (Former Israeli lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari calling Palestinian children "little terrorists.")

“start a wave of construction in the settlements in response to the murder of the abductees.  - Limor Livnat, the minister for culture and sports.

“I don’t know how many Hamas leaders will remain alive after tonight.” - (Tzachi Hanegbi, a former cabinet minister from the ruling Likud party).

“Israel must declare a war of annihilation of Hamas, which is responsible for the murder, and return to the assassination policy.” -  (Tzipi Hotovely, another Likud lawmaker and deputy minister).

“It will not be long before history settles the account with you,” -  (Agriculture minister Yair Shamir).

“incinerate Gaza and Hebron.” -  (Facebook users Kobi and Karen Haddad).

“These Arabs, we should eliminate them all, just go in and spray them." -  (Facebook user Yuval Efrat).

“Death to the Arabs! We must incinerate them and hang up their bodies in front of their children.” -  (Twitter user Daniel Ronen).

Facebook user Lior Aminov took part in a discussion with several other people apparently organizing to go and carry out vigilante attacks on Arabs. He posted this picture of an Israeli army uniform and weapons he intended to use against his victims.

Israelis demand blood after youths’ bodies found